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Know yourself and transform your life
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Know yourself, transform your life…… an essay in three parts by Andrew Harry (Registered Polarity Therapist) exploring goals, perception and the miraculous (Part 1) Limited or Limitless? It depends how you look at it!

Does my energy field precede my physical form or does my physical form generate my energetic field?  Am I  here as a result of a random act of the universe or is there some purpose to my existence here on earth? Does my consciousness end when I die or does it continue? Do I have one life or many? Am I responsible for my views or are others? Is success a measure against external factors or is it purely a subjective one? Is someone else's opinion of more value to me  or is my own most valuable? Is the Universe an empty space or is it Full? Am I in this Universe or is it in me?

Assumptions you make can limit your world view or release it.  Whether you are aware of it or not you are each, individually and solely responsible for choosing what assumptions you make in life, but do you even know you are living constrained by assumptions, that you have the power to change them and therefore influence the effect they have? 

Assumptions made early in life, often as a chance sub-conscious strategy to protect,  may severely limit you for the rest of your life.  They can effect the inter-relationship you develop with your world. If you can identify that you have chosen to view the world in a certain way, that is you have made an assumption, then you can explore it and identify it and then  confidently challenge it, here and now.  This change of perspective could literally transform your life.

Changing perception – Responsibility, Freedom and the Miraculous The great philosophers suggested that if man explores an issue and reaches a valid conclusion then, because the position has been attained using reason or logic (ie: the realm of duality/paradox) then the opposite must also be true!  If it is assumed that this was meant to be taken literally, this view could lead the curious amongst you  to review  assumptions on which you have based your view of reality and you could conclude that you have unintentionally limited your life as a result of  a lack of choice.

You are repetitively, consciously and subconsciously, viewing the world you see tinged by your assumptions! Have you ever honestly reviewed these assumptions? Do sometimes your reactions appear out of your control? Is your behaviour unpredictable, confusing, embarrassing, frightening or downright frustrating? What if the emotional responses you have are due to assumptions you made early in life that are now operating perfectly at a subconscious level, but now resulting in dysfunctional behaviour?  If that were the case could anyone else be responsible for your responses, but you???

Can you see that  your behaviour may result from your choices and is purposeful and simply reflecting the assumptions you have made? .  So could  your behaviour  provide you with the evidence that your underlying assumptions may be limiting your life? Do you confuse your own limiting  behaviours for something that defines you as an individual? Does this effect how you relate to others and events around you?  Wouldn't it be helpful if you could separate issues of identity from these behaviours?  Instead of choosing to confirm that you are a wretched being, that you are weak and not worthy of anothers concern, your esteem lying in tatters on the floor, can you simply identify and challenge the assumptions you have made along the way that have shaped your behaviours? 

Are you ready to look at things differently to transform your life? By consciously taking responsibility for your  behaviour you will be able to identify underlying, limiting assumptions that drive it.  Then, simply determine the exact opposite to this assumption(no matter how strange it may at first appear).  Next,  consciously choose between these two valid alternatives using whatever honestly held criteria you may choose ("be compassionate with yourself" is a good starting point).  Then dare to act as if this newly chosen assumption were true and you will immediately notice a change in yourself, your feelings and your sense of self. 

Over time you will notice beneficial change to your responses as well. The impact of this freedom to choose can be liberating as your new choice, your new working assumption, begins to colour your view of the world as you know it. So take responsibility to listen to your self, choose and let your reasonable assumptions lead your life! Let the Miraculous into your life, it may require nothing more than a simple change of perspective. In Part 2 of this series of three essays  we explore the process of putting motivation into action and introduce how this inter-relates with your body mind system. Belightful Andrew Harry (Registered Polarity Therapist)

By Andrew D Harry RPP
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Andrew has spent over 20 years in the Royal Navy and suffered the debilitating illness of ME. This article represents a summary of the process he undertook to overcome the illness completely.

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Know yourself and transform your life
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