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Natural Alternatives to Help You Through the Winter Months
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Winter has a dramatic affect on people who suffer with arthritis and pain is increased during these cold months.  Painful joints often have the following characteristics:
  • Poor lubrication due to low hyaluronic acid levels
  • Painful movements due to an increased level of inflammatory prostaglandins
  • Reduced cartilage depth on joint load bearing surfaces Tuna Oil is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which have the ability to suppress the production of inflammatory eicosanoids and cartilage degradative enzymes.
Our bodies feel pain and create inflammation by producing chemicals called Eicosanoids from a compound called Arachidonic acid. Modifying this pathway by replacing arachidonic acid with Omega 3 fatty acids means that the eicosanoids produced are either less inflammatory or do not produce any inflammation (they are neutral). Therefore if Eicosanoids are produced from Omega 3's the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis may be greatly reduced (see case study to follow).

Studies have also shown that Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce the pain and morning stiffness associated with arthritis; and they can also reduce the need for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

Omega 3 fatty acids can alter the factors that cause degeneration and inflammation in cartilage destruction. The incorporation of omega 3 fatty acids into cartilage chondrocytes membranes can result in reduction of the aggrecan and collagen degrading enzymes which are capable of cartilage destruction.

Tuna oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA). The omega 3's are used to help maintain a healthy heart and circulation, to maintain flexible joints and for general wellbeing.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Glucosamine is a hexosamine sugar and is a basic building block for many important constituents of cartilage; it also enhances the production of a compound called hyaluronic acid, which is a constituent of cartilage. Glucosamine helps to maintain the elasticity; strength and resilience in joints thereby helping to treat pain, increase mobility and improve overall joint function.

The research conducted to date suggests that Glucosamine may have some effect in slowing the progression of arthritis by keeping joints healthy. Other studies have also shown that glucosamine may relieve arthritis pain and stiffness with fewer side effects than conventional arthritis drugs.

Chondroitin adds to the thickness and elasticity of cartilage and hence helps to improve its ability to absorb and distribute compressive forces (basically acting as a shock absorber). Chondroitin also appears to control the formation of new cartilage matrix and inhibit cartilage degrading enzymes.

        Glucosamine would combine well with the anti-inflammatory actions of Tuna oil to further improve joint function and reduce pain.

During the Winter thousands of us will be affected with the ever increasing strains of colds and influenza viruses, but help is at hand!!

Echinacea is a very effective and safe herbal remedy. It is particularly useful in the winter months to help maintain a healthy immunity. A healthy immune system can help to provide resistance to infections including colds and influenza and help to speed your recovery from illness.

Echinacea is commonly known as the purple coneflower and has traditionally been used by North American Indians who used it medicinally to treat health problems ranging from respiratory infections to snakebites.  It was prominent in modern American medicine in the early 20th Century, and was discovered by Europeans, who have used it extensively since the 1930s. Today millions of adults use Echinacea as their primary therapy for colds, influenza, infections, and for general immune-boosting effects.

Echinacea is believed to inhibit the bacterial enzyme hyaluronidase and stimulate the immune system by increasing the number of active white blood cells, making the body more resilient naturally and has been shown to help prevent the formation of an enzyme which destroys a natural barrier between healthy tissue and damaging organisms, it has been shown in studies to improve the migration of white blood cells to attack foreign micro organisms and toxins in the bloodstream and has traditionally been used to treat or prevent colds, influenza, infections of the respiratory tract and other infections.


Echinacea has an excellent safety record and is very well tolerated by most people.  Echinacea should not be used in progressive systemic and auto-immune disorders such as tuberculosis, leicosis, connective tissue disorders, collagenosis and related diseases such as lupus. It is important to inform your health care professional about any herb or dietary supplement you are using. This helps to ensure safe and coordinated care.

At Wellcene Health it is our aim to make it more simple and convenient for you to take better care of your health.  We have the best quality products and treatments to offer you. Every product is personally checked and tested by our team before it goes into our catalogue.  For more information about our wide range of products including our Tuna Oil Capsules, Glucosamine & Chondroitin tablets and Echinacea tablets please visit our website or call.

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Natural Alternatives to Help You Through the Winter Months

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