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Osteopathic Treatment Of Neck Pain
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Muscular and joint pain is very common today because of the changing lifestyle and lack of activity. Over the years, there have been different treatments that were devised to treat such problem, but none offers the complete solutions. However, there have been several effective treatments that showed useful results in the patients suffering from severe joint problems. Neck pain is one of the muscular pain types that can make one person scream for hours. One of the effective treatments that have been quite popular to treat the issue is that of osteopathic treatment. In this type of treatment, osteopathic medicine is used to figure out the method that would be best for the healing of a particular muscle and joint pain. Especially the people who suffer from neck pain have the perception that visiting an osteopath can be of great help to them.

If you are living in Sydney, Australia; and you feel pain in your neck, then there is no need to get scared. Visiting an osteopath in Sydney will bring the best solution to your problem. You might feel reluctant because of the seemingly scary method that osteopath follows to get the things right, but once you avail the treatment, you sill surely be obliged to him.  


Initially, when you would visit an osteopath in Sydney, you would be required to provide your medical history, and then few tests would be performed to check the severity of the neck pain problem, and its basic reason. In few severe conditions, an X-Ray is considered useful.

Methods of Treatment:

There are several methods that are typically applied by the osteopath according to the type of the muscular pain. For treating the neck pain, one of the following techniques can be used;

1.      Muscle Energy technique:  In this type, the treatment is basically carried out with the help of few exercises. These exercises help the muscles to get back to normal position, when the neck is moved in particular ways.

2.      Soft Tissue technique:  In this type of technique, the osteopath typically will apply the deep pressure, traction or rhythmic stretching around the spine muscles.

3.      Counter strain technique: The main focus of this technique is to let the muscles move in such a way that the strained or restrained muscles can get back to the relaxing position.  

4.      Thrust technique:  This technique as the name depicts, involves the application of thrust or a high velocity force. This technique is considered suitable for the people who are facing issues like restricted movements, tissue changes or muscle tenderness. It will correct any irregularity in your muscles, hence causing them to move without pain.

Visiting an osteopath in Sydney can certainly be a relaxing experience for you, if you suffering from the severe neck pain. So, take the right decision, and get back to normal.

By Dr Kevin Finnan PHD
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Dr Kevin Finnan is an Osteopath in Sydney Australia who specializes in the non-surgical treatment of chronic neck back and joint pain. Kevin's gentle but effective hands-on approach has helped hundreds of chronic pain suffers free themselves from pain.

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Osteopathic Treatment Of Neck Pain
Osteopathic Treatment Of Neck Pain And Back Pain

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