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Past Life Residues
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During the 19th century, a violinist suffering a panic attack on stage, rushed from a concert hall, stumbled into the street, and screamed as the wheel of a passing wagon crushed his hand. He had been a virtuoso, and would never play the violin again.

Bearing this in mind, we will see later how this previous life experience was to have a profound effect on a present day musician, in the form of a so-called past life residue. Past life residues appear to be a fairly common phenomenon and apparently affect people in ways that can sometimes result in illogical behaviour.

Irrational fears and phobias.

In some instances it would seem that even physical manifestations can be carried forward from one lifetime to another, in the form of birthmarks, skin complaints, migraines and so forth. Some of these maladies can even be cured by reaching a resolution through past life therapy which, I hasten to add, should only be carried out by a registered Hypnotherapist who has been trained in past life regression therapy.

It may come as a surprise to some, but the idea of Reincarnation used to be accepted in its entirety by the Christian church. However, the notion that we would all get several chances to better ourselves, thus making mistakes acceptable, simply wasn't good enough for the establishment of the time. They believed that it would encourage lawlessness and bad behaviour. Far better, they thought, to put the fear of God into the masses, by encouraging the notion that if we misbehave, we would be cast into the flames of eternal damnation and so on - they went much further, though!

In 553 AD, at the 5th ecumenical council of Constantinople, a political decision was to change Western beliefs and behaviour for centuries to come. By with just three votes, it was decided that we live only once. After that, the mere mention of Reincarnation was considered to be heresy.

It transpires that the vote was well and truly rigged. At the time, the pope had been imprisoned and not one Western bishop had been informed and therefore had not attended the meeting. Thus, throughout the witch-hunts until very recently, in the West, the subject of Reincarnation had been well and truly buried, depriving us of free will. For decades a Professor of the Virginian University, gathered a huge amount of facts to support the hypothesis that we all experience many lives. Or as a savant autistic child once put it, "We live only one life, but with many episodes!"

Made known in this Professors research is the observation that many young children will often and quite spontaneously talk of having a different Mummy and Daddy in the other place he or she used to live. Strong evidence has come to light when some children have even revealed where missing valuables have lain undiscovered for many years.

More recently, the Professor discovered a powerful link between birth defects and marks, which coincide with injuries sustained in apparent previous lives. In my experience of past life regression therapy, very few Napoleons, Cleopatra's, Beethoven's and Nelson's, surface under hypnosis. However, people are often surprised to discover that they had been a different sex, race or even religion - a Nazi coming back as a Jew, for example, implying that lessons have to be learnt.

Seemingly, I have even had my own past life residue to contend with. For as long as I can remember, the merest smell of a fresh banana has made me physically sick, but not the aroma of artificial banana flavourings, which I like. As a child at school, the dinner lady was to discover, to her dismay, (and dare I say - discomfort), how sliced bananas couldn't be discreetly smuggled into my bowl of custard. Nevertheless, I had always dismissed it as a simple allergy.

Since early childhood, from time to time, I used to experience a recurring nightmare in which I was being stung to death by a swarm of bees. As I grew older and interested in Reincarnation, I pondered the possibility that there might be a connection between the dream and a past life. Then, one day, I was watching a televised documentary about bees and was astonished to discover that when they are engaged in a stinging frenzy, a powerful chemical signal is given off, which enable other bees to home in on a target. You've guessed it, the chemical has a pungent odour of bananas! I have not experienced the nightmare since.

Readers might remember from a few years ago, the televised and documented account of a ladies story where through past life residues in the form of flashbacks and dreams, she recalled a previous life in Ireland as a mother of several children. She managed to trace those children, who were still living and considerably older than her. After an emotional reunion and some lengthy interviews that took place over a period of many months, in which she explained some personal events only a mother could have recollected concerning her offspring in childhood, one by one, each of the siblings acknowledged her as being their mother reincarnate!

Returning to the opening paragraph about the 19th century virtuoso violinist who experienced a panic attack while performing on stage, this event was the past life recollection of a current London West end musician. During his regression therapy, he saw himself playing the violin, when a string broke, which resulted in his panic attack and unfortunate accident.

The reason he sought therapy in the first place was to eradicate an obsession that had plagued him since he took up playing the guitar. He always carried with him an inordinate amount of spare strings, to placate his irrational fear of them breaking during every performance.It would appear that past life residues might not be such a mystery after all. Perhaps we all carry them with us.

By David Melbourne
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Biography: David F. Melbourne is an NHS registered hypnotherapist living in Orkney, and has had seven books published on the subject of dreams and the unconscious mind. He was the first person to discover the "trigger effect" in sleep, which identifies message-bearing dreams, contrary to Freud's notion that dreams are the guardians of sleep. He was also the first to establish a link between visions caused by physical brain trauma and the unconscious mind. David has written regular columns for The Express newspaper, The Herald and Horoscope magazines. Recently, he devised a method of removing mental blocks during hypnosis, which has been included in the syllabus and now taught by The European College of Hypnotherapy. He also devised the cross-reference flow chart system of analytical dream analysis and invented the Dream Oracle.

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Past Life Residues

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