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Pharmaceutical Companies Vs You

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Pharmaceutical companies are not in the business for "curing" anything, but they are in the business to create "treatments" that patient will have to take for life, such is the case of diabetes, arthritis, lupus, just to name a few.

Most of us only go to the doctor when something hurts... so then, doctor will do what conventional medicine protocols say, which usually is to order you to take prescription medication, which stops the symptoms right there on the spot. Is this great? Or is it not that great...

Think about it... if your body develops a condition, it usually doesn't happen overnight. I can even dare to say it NEVER happens overnight, there is always a pre-disposition. But why don't they study these pre-dispositions first, what has been causing them for all the accumulated years to then manifest in a painful way? Usually, it will have to do with our genetic-hereditary traits and in a major way also our lifestyles. Things should be treated early, based on family history and your pre-dispositions and everyone should have healthy habits, such as eating healthy, exercise, but in most cultures, that isn't the case. Conventional medicine isn't really doing much to advance in this route, because everyone would be healthy and then they would go out of business.

You have a pain? I will send you these painkillers, will take your pain away and you will feel better.

Next thing you know, you are taking painkillers sufficient to put down an elephant... what about the side effects? All of those chemically engineered medicines are simple invaders in our bodies, our very own immune system will create defense to just about anything that is alien to our natural cells.

Taking a painkiller to stop the pain... this can be compared to when your house is on fire and you simply take the batteries out of your alarm so it doesn't go off. If you have a pain and you take painkillers that is exactly what you are doing. Your body is on fire, telling you something is wrong and you simply decide to ignore it.

In most cases, regular headaches could be simply an accumulation of certain substances and/or the lack of certain nutrients in your body. This could be corrected through cleansing / detoxifying your gastro-intestinal tract and digestive system and a rigorous healthy diet.

Transfer factors, are one of the most significant discoveries in the last century in the wellness industry, and for certain, the most important discovery in what preventive medicine is concerned as many doctors have appointed.

Transfer factors are molecules that exist since the very existence of mammals. We transfer them from a mother to a child through milk. These are molecules that store the information that will be absorbed by our immune system to help us boost your immunity levels to be able to grow stronger within our environment. Have you heard of stories where a child is born weak in mother nature? Chances are, it did not receive mother's first milk which contains colostrum.

Transfer factor molecules are extracted from colostrum since the transfer factor itself are the ones that carry the vital information that will be absorbed by the immune system. Taking transfer factors, are like giving to your immune system an entire encyclopedia along with training on how to combat virus, infections, diseases, illnesses and maintain your immunity levels at its peak, while maintaining a healthy balance.

Instead of sending you all the chemical technologies to simulate certain substances that your body needs, such as the natural insulin produced by the pancreas, one should be ordered to keep a diet to promote the very pancreas to regain its strength and stimulate it to produce natural insulin again, aided with the support of glucoach oriented products such as targeted transfer factor glucoach. Diabetes is an auto-immune disorder in which is the very immune system that starts eating the substances that suppress the sugars in the foods, and eventually makes the pancreas stop functioning properly. Well, this product is directed to the immune system specifically to those molecules that are destroying good cells and helps them absorb and store information to be able to recognize what is good again.

Same as the transfer factor glucoach, there are many other targeted transfer factors that are specific for each system in our body.


By Andres Molina
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Andres Molina has written many health articles based on information that has been learned through several health seminars, books from authors like "Natural Cures" from David Trudeau, Jean Carper and Paul Zane Pilzer among many others.

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Pharmaceutical Companies Vs You

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