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Physical Problems Healed through Emotional Healing
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Physical Healing through Healing the Emotions

Life sometimes makes us sick. Stress as we respond to life, held in the body, is directly causing disease. At these times the road to healing is through our emotions. As we now understand emotions to be energy flowing when we feel good, and blocked energy when we feel bad, all we need to do is find where our energy is blocked, use powerful energy healing tools such as EFT or EmoTrance to restore our energy flow, heal our emotions and voila...healing miracles can happen.

The following healing success stories illustrate these principles and show the speed of healing that can be achieved using EFT or EmoTrance techniques.

Healing MCTD Multiple Connective Tissue Disease

Susan came to see me for a detox. She was diagnosed with MTCD and had been suffering with aches and pains for years. Accompany this was sleeping tablets and anti-depressants. When asked when did the symptoms start and what was going on in your life at that time? She answered, 4 years ago I was going through a horrible divorce. She was reluctant to talk about it as she new she would be very tearful. With gentle questioning techniques we established that there were 6 major events between her and her husband that were very painful. We used EFT to release the energy of each of these events. As we were releasing each one, her aches and pains flared up in all the usual places. When all the emotional intensity was gone from each of these events, not only was the client very happy she was also pain free. The session lasted 1 hour. Working with her GP she was then able to come off all her medications.


Healing IBS

Mary came to see me for colonic irrigation, thinking it would help her IBS. She was experiencing low threshold to stress at work, pains on eating, knot in her stomach, alternating constipation and diarrhoea. I asked her when did the symptoms start? and what was going on in her life then?  and how did she feel about what happened? She answered, 8 years ago I had my second child, we nearly lost him in the hospital. There was negligence and I was so angry with the Doctors and nurses. I was stressed about my husband and also worried about my older son being neglected at this time and terrified about losing my baby. At this point she had the familiar knot in her stomach and was feeling the anxiety again. We used EFT and EmoTrance to release all the different emotions about all the different aspects of this trauma and when we finished, she was able to relate the experience again completely relaxed both emotionally and physically. I also asked were there another factors that triggered her IBS symptoms? She said, yes, I have a stressful job. We then used EFT to release the emotional energy about the aspects of work she found difficult. At the end of this one session, she was completely comfortable and had no more IBS symptoms after this.


Healing Chronic Headaches and Migraines

Mike was suffering from headaches and migraines for years, managing them with 8 Solpadene a day. When asked what was going on when they started, he said nothing really. I asked, what stresses do you have in your life? He answered ‘work'. We used EFT to release his current headache in a few minutes but then instructed him to apply EFT to all the aspects about work that he felt were difficult. After this 5 minute lesson in EFT and 1 week of applying it, he was off his medication and all his headaches stopped.


Healing Whiplash

Julie was suffering from neck and shoulder pains, and restricted movement over a year after a road traffic accident. He had been going for physiotherapy every week since, with little improvement. I asked her to tell me what happened in the accident and afterwards and how she felt at the time and about the consequences. There was still shock and a lot of anger and resentment about the driver in the car behind and about the accident because of the effects it had on her family Christmas. The damaged boot of the car had all the kids Christmas presents, and because of the pain she was in, the whole family had a rotten Christmas. There was also frustration about having the pain and tension for a whole year afterwards. We used EFT to release the specific memories which still had intensity about the accident , plus all the anger, resentment and frustration she was carrying since. When it was all released, her shoulders relaxed completely for the first time since the accident and she was pain free. She called a week later to say she was still free of pain and tension and interestingly, she said she no longer felt the need to talk about the accident, which had been her preoccupation for the last 12 months.


Complex Healing Cases

In these cases you will also find a whole history of stressful events and periods in this person's life. Other times a client may have had a problem since early childhood and have no conscious memory of events at that time. Life threatening illness also brings many mixed emotions about just having the condition, fear, anger, conflict, guilt etc in addition to the stresses leading up to developing the condition.

Past trauma, present stress and limiting beliefs are all blocked energy which can impede the healing process. Releasing unresolved emotional issues, current stress and limiting beliefs can greatly accelerate the healing process and can often facilitate healing in clients resistant to other healing methods. Although the energy release techniques such as EFT and EmoTrance are easy to apply, the skill and lasting success comes from understanding these concepts well, mastering questioning techniques, developing skills in identifying where core the issues are from the client's story, developing treatment plans for complex cases histories, persistence and thoroughness in release all aspects of an emotional problem, plus knowing how to approach and release deep trauma and anxiety in a safe comfortable way for the client.

Practitioner training is therefore recommended for healers and those suffering with ill health are recommended to seek the help of a practitioner of EFT or EmoTrance.

By Sandra Hillawi BSc Hons, Lic Trainer of EFT and EmoTrance
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Author: BSc Hons, Lic Trainer of EFT and EmoTrance

Biography: Sandra Hillawi is an international practitioner and trainer in EFT and EmoTrance and has worked in natural healing and energy psychology since 1998. She is the author of The Love Clinic and runs detox healing yoga retreats in Egypt and the UK.

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