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Propecia finasteride The most effective treatment for male pattern baldness
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Propecia finasteride is one of the most effective treatments for male pattern baldness currently available on the market. Propecia was approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) as a treatment for male pattern baldness in 1997. Millions of men have benefitted from the drug to prevent further hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair.

Developed by Merck pharmaceuticals, Propecia is licensed for use in men only. Women and children should never take this medicine. Male pattern baldness is one of the most common causes of hair loss. In this condition, men lose hair in a well-defined pattern beginning above both temples. Hair loss also occurs in the crown area and in some men, the hairline also recedes. If not treated in time, male pattern hair loss can result in partial or complete baldness.

How does Propecia work?

Finasteride – the active ingredient in Propecia belongs to the class of medicine known as type II 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. The reason why Propecia works so effectively is that it has been able to strike at the root cause of male pattern baldness. It prevents the conversion of testosterone into its active form dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by inhibiting the action of the enzyme type II 5-alpha reductase that facilitates this conversion. Although DHT is an important sex hormone, in some men the level of DHT becomes quite high. When in excess, DHT shrinks the hair follicles in the scalp, which leads to hair fall. Propecia helps to keep the DHT levels in check and thereby prevents further hair loss. When taken regularly, Propecia also stimulates the growth of new hair.

Propecia finasteride is available in the dosage strength of 1mg. You need to take the medicine daily, preferably at the same time of the day. The effects of Propecia should be noticeable within three to six months. To maintain the benefits of Propecia, you would need to continue taking the medicine. If you discontinue taking Propecia any hair gained during the treatment will be lost in 12 months time.

Side effects of Propecia

Like most other prescription medications, Propecia is also associated with side effects. However, side effects of Propecia are few and not all men are affected with these. A very few men report sexual side effects such as loss of sexual desire, problem having erections or decreased semen volume. These side effects subside when the treatment is stopped. Other Propecia side effects include allergic reactions such as rash, itching, hives and swelling of the lips and face, breast tenderness and enlargement and testicular pain. Consult your doctor immediately if you notice any changes in your breasts such as lumps, pain or nipple discharge or if any other side effects of Propecia become bothersome.

How do I get Propecia finasteride?
As Propecia finasteride is a prescription medication, you should always consult your doctor before taking this medicine. These days, you can also get Propecia through online clinics. This method will save you both time and money. Once you place your order for Propecia, you’ll be requested to fill-in online medical consultations form asking details about your health conditions. Your medical details will be reviewed by a specialist doctor. If the online doctor finds Propecia suitable for you, you’ll receive prescription via email. Following this, your Propecia pills will reach your doorstep in a safe and discreet packaging. Reputed online clinics do not charge for the consultation

By John Linney
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Biography: Propecia finasteride is proven to be the most effective treatments for male pattern baldness which is one of the most common causes of hair loss in men. Read the article below to learn how Propecia works, its side effects and how you can get Propecia online

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