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Protest Codex Alimentarius
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Basic right humanity is damaged: Right to healthy foods!

The Food and Pharmaceutical industry have both one item on their agenda: Trying to imitate nature and patent the products that originate from that. With the Codex Alimentarius, soon high doses of natural supplements are forbidden, and with that, the basic condition of the Maslow pyramid: Our Right on Natural Food.

Step by step people got used to the use of artificial fertilizers with farming while far better free alternatives are at hand with sea farming. After that followed by GMO patented seeds. At this moment, 80 percent of the supermarket self’s are filled with at some extent unnatural products, some of witch the word ‘food’ is a shame, because they don’t feed you! Lots of people still have the idea they eat a healthy mix of vegetables and fruits while they traveled thousands of miles before they land ‘fresh’ on your plate. Grown on depleted soil and sometimes even on rock wool! In our ‘cultivated’ Western society it’s very hard to escape the fact that we are all deficient with vital en essential nutrients. 

The Food industry and Big Parma agenda doesn’t know any borders. It’s time to ban natural nutritional supplements with these dangerous high doses that ‘might’ keep people healthy. Now that more and more people have discovered this fact, the big profits might come under pressure.  The new norm will be as low as two depleted carrots! This new law will rob a naturopathic doctor from his most valuable tools: Essential nutrients. Food! Yours and My health have been made subordinate to super profits.

Politicians have sold their soul and religion and are no more then marionettes, dangling on the chalk lines of these multinationals with an unstoppable hunger for power and money.  Never have I caught a politician of guard talking about the Codex Alimentarius. Add up, all the decisions politicians made over the years and they are nowhere near as important then what’s happening now! Most people even don’t have a clue what’s going on. It’s a shame.

Most diseases from witch people suffer from are attributed to the aging process and science tells us that it’s all in our genes. Nothing is more beside the truth! Almost everybody in the modern civilized Western world is suffering from a lack of essential en vital nutrients. Do we have to illegally import nutritional supplements ourselves in about a year or are we forced to grow our own vegetables and fruits? You and Me, we’ve got a powerful tool to vote with; Our Wallet! Act Now.

By Henk Mutsaers Health website webmaster the Netherlands
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


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Protest Codex Alimentarius
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