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Say Goodbye to Computer Eye Strain with these Ultimate Tips
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The use of computers in today’s world has increased in a huge way due to which almost 50% of the people are attacked by Computer eye strain each and every day. Be it productivity, work, gaming, browsing, etc. all of it comprises of screen staring for longer hours. Considering all the above in mind it is very essential to protect your eyes by limiting yourself from smaller text size and other such programs which can result in eye strain. No matter how old you are or how healthy your eyesight is, you much always take care of your eyes

Here in this article below, we have listed some top tips that will help you stay away from Computer eye strain and reduce the risk of long term damage that the computer screens that cause your eyes. Delve into the article to uncover the tips.

Reduce the Brightness of your Screen

Your computer screen is one of the main reasons or maybe you can say the only reason that causes computer eye strain. So make sure you go through your monitor setting properly and adjust the contrast, color, brightness and other such features of your screen. If you are unable to run the settings, Google can always help you rescue.

Follow the 20-20-20 Eye Exercise Rule

After every 20 minutes of staring at your PC, move away from it for a while. Direct your look at an object which is around 20 feet from you. Make sure you stare at this object for at least 20 seconds.

This 20-20-20 rule may not bring your perfect vision back, but it will help your eyes stay away from further damages by reducing eye fatigue by keeping them healthy. Staring at a distant object relaxes your eyes and helps to soothe your eye focusing muscles. Practice this on a daily basis every 20 minutes and make it a habit that will keep your eyes healthy and happy.

Make sure you take mini Breaks

Before launching a website you make sure everything is done correctly and all the tasks are off the checklist. Make sure you add one more point of taking a mini break to your checklist. Studies suggest that sitting at one place for a long run can affect your metabolism rate which is directly connected to your vision.

So as much as possible, make sure you take a short 2 minutes to break after every 45 minutes in case you forget you 20 – 20 exercise.

Invest in Computer Reading Glasses

Computer glasses are a kind of reading glasses that are designed with the motive to protect your eyes with fine protective coatings which limits the harmful rays passing from the computers to reach your eyes.

You can check out some exclusive computer glasses online where you can find a variety of them with the best prices.

Increase the Display Size of your Browser

Nowadays, almost all the screens come with the feature of wide format which is not really adaptable and convenient for documents related work. Browsers, on the other hand, keep displaying the website ads in the corner column of your screen leaving behind huge empty margins. You can easily change your monitor settings and set your page fit with just zooming into your page by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and scrolling up the mouse until your page reaches the desired fit you need. This correct display size will help you stay at bay from eye strain.

Keep Glare at Bay

Dust can be really annoying and can cause a huge impact on your eyes. A dusty monitor can increase the glare on your screen so one must make sure that their monitor is always kept clean. An anti-glare screen can also help you in reducing glare causing eye strain.

Light up the Right Way

Make sure you sit under the correct light because too much external light falling on your computer screen can increase the screen glare and cause eye strain. To prevent this, try using incandescent lighting rather than the high intensity bulbs. Also, using dim lights on either side of your system as this can be really helpful.

By Ben Thomas
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Biography: Ben Thomas is a freelance writer and expert in health fitness beauty and fashion. When he isn’t writing he can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.

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Say Goodbye to Computer Eye Strain with these Ultimate Tips

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