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Searching For Your Soul Mate? Checklist of 6 Mistakes Not To Make

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Love is in the air, especially on Valentine's Day. If you do not have that special someone in your life you will absolutely HATE this holiday. You can do something about it by looking into yourself. You are the only problem you will ever have and the only solution you will ever find so get going on it. Change is inevitable and personal growth is always a personal decision. Do you want a partner in your life? You have to get out into the world and mix it up with all kinds of personalitites for that to happen.


6 mistakes to avoid in the beginning of any relationship:

1. Not asking enough questions

2. Ignoring warning signs of potential problems

3. Making premature compromises

4. Giving in to blind lust right away

5. Giving in to seduction

6. Putting commitment before compatibility

Couples who share similar values have more success in having a harmonious, lasting relationship. In choosing the right partner one must look for character, not simply looks or personality. A common thread is present where both have similar interests, ambition, and goals for the future.


Note: The pyramid levels represent the variety of ways that two can connect on a deeper soul level with one another.


1. Sense of humor

2. Commitment to learning

3. Personal transformation

4. Emotionally open

5. Compassionate

6. Integrity

7. Honesty

8. Maturity

9. Accepting responsibility

10. Good self-esteem, self confident

11. Interested in self-improvement

12 Positive attitude

13. Sharing ideas, opinions, and feelings

14. Trustworthiness

15. Sensitive

16. Passionate

17. Pride in self

18 . Good self image

19. Cooperative

20. Sexual chemistry

By Myrna Lou Goldbaum Palmist/Psychic/Author
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Author: Palmist/Psychic/Author

Biography: Myrna Lou Goldbaum has been reading palms for 50+ years, has a 90-95% accuracy rate with over 37,000 palms documented. Author of a How-To book titled MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? Palm Reading for Fun and Profit, SOUL MATE CONNECTIONS, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Relationships, Love, Romance and Soul Mates, and DIARY OF A PALM READER, Palm Reading Sessions from 1956 to 2003.

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20 Qualities To Look For In A Soul Mate
Searching For Your Soul Mate? Checklist of 6 Mistakes Not To Make

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