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Should You Search The Internet For Health Solutions
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As a young person growing up in Columbus, Ohio, I used to be in awe whenever I went to the huge public library there.  There were masses and volumes of information available on just about any subject you could possibly be interested in.  Back in those days, however, it took a long time to locate what you were looking for, to take notes, and do all the needed research.  Even today I admire those massive buildings, which are filled with so much knowledge shared by countless writers.

Now, of course, we also have the internet.  The internet provides us with another kind of incredible library and this library is right at the fingertips of any computer user. 

Since I've been fortunate enough to have friends who are a lot smarter than me, many times I've been told that I should do a "google" search about a certain company, product, or something I'm interested in.  Thus, I've made it a practice to type in the search bar whatever I've been interested in and have discovered an amazing amount of information.  There are literally millions of internet websites available and you can find information about nearly everything that could possibly interest you!

Should you do an internet search regarding solutions to health problems, or strictly depend on what your doctor recommends?  Knowledge is power, but only if you use it wisely.  If you have an emergency type problem, of course you should get medical help as soon as possible.

However, for non-emergency type problems, you may wish to gather all the information you can.  Look at both the conventional medical and the alternative health sites.  You will discover a wealth of information on them.  Frequently, you will see that you can do things for yourself and not need to make that trip to the doctor.  Why spend the time and money and take prescription drugs, which will have some negative side effects, if you can alleviate your problem simply by using good nutrition?  Perhaps, you could even avoid surgery by just changing your diet.

Whatever your problem is:  cancer, heart disease, hearing problems, vision problems, allergies, diabetes, sleep problems, or a host of other diseases or problems, you can find helpful information on the internet.

One word of caution:  when someone is selling something, the "hype" could be extreme.  Its not always easy to tell if the person is excited because the solution for them brought such tremendous results, and they simply want to tell the world about it… or if they are in the business merely to make money.  In my own case, I am a distributor for a company whose products I truly believe in and have received definite benefits from.  While I do want people to use my company's products so I can get paid, I would not want to represent a company if I could not believe in its products!

If you find something that looks good to you, that could be helpful with certain health problems that you, a family member, or friend have, do some comparisons.  Just like you may shop several stores if you are looking for new furniture or appliances, it's a good idea to do some comparative "shopping" on the internet.  If you locate a website that looks really, really good, you can save it in your "favorites" file and find it again after you've done some more reading.

And after you've made your comparisons, you'll usually find that there are some differences in opinion.  But with the plethora of knowledge you have acquired, you will be better equipped to make the best decisions regarding your own special situation.

By Judy Thompson
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Judy Thompson is a former health teacher, and for many years has been a serious student of natural nutrition. Nutrition information and products may be found at and ordered from her website.

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