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Six Innovations in Healthcare Technology That Are Changing the World
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Technology is continually evolving, and this progress is changing the future for the better. One field where this is certainly the case is healthcare. Below is a list of six technological innovations that are revolutionizing healthcare as we know it.

1. Medical Microchips

While it may seem odd considering we mostly think of microchips in terms of very inorganic computers, microchips can also be programmed to mathematically replicate many body functions. Soon, they may replace animals in laboratory testing.

2. Optogenetics

Optogenetics is a new field of healthcare that is revolutionizing the study of the brain. Currently, researchers are testing the science in the brains of mice. First, a genome that responds to light is inserted into a neuron. A light beam is then used to activate the neuron. This can help researchers learn what neurons are used for what functions in the brain.

3. Motion Capture

Motion capture is another technology that is making a big splash in healthcare. New ways to motion capture human movement have been developed by companies like Organic Motion, which partners with Dynamic Athletics. No longer do suits or markers have to be used to record and analyze the movement of the human body. This technology will likely be used to improve the treatment of individuals with disabilities such as Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy.

4. Edible Sensors

The shrinking of technology has allowed for the development of mechanisms that are small enough that they can be swallowed in the form of a pill. This is the case for edible sensors which have been approved for testing. After being swallowed, the sensor inside the pill will wirelessly transmit information regarding what’s happening inside the patient until it’s been completely digested.

5. Remote Healthcare

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare has been the shortage of medical professionals in certain remote areas. Thankfully, improvements in communications technology are helping bridge some of that gap. Teleconferencing technology is now being adapted to allow patients to attend certain kinds of doctor appointments virtually.

6. 3D Printing

3D printing is one new technology that may soon have plenty of applications in the world of medicine. For example, using this technology, replacement skin could be printed that could be grafted onto burn victims. There is also the possibility of using the technology to create replacement organs that could lessen the dependence on donors.

Thankfully, technology is always improving. Along with these innovations, the lives and health of patients all over the world will also continue to improve.

By Anita Ginsburg
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