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Smoking 7 Little Known Ways to Boost Your Health
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Have you ever seen someone coming up to an overweight guy eating Big Mac and start preaching about a healthy diet?  Me neither. So why do people think their annoying attempts to moralize smokers will make the latter dump the lit up cig?

Here’s the deal.

I promise to keep my mouth shut about quitting smoking and you try one of the following tips within two hours after you finish reading this article. For your own sake. If not, don’t bother reading – it would really be a waste of time. But if it sounds like a good idea, let’s cut down to the essentials and find out which tip will work best for you, okay?

  1. Only God knows how many times you made this painfully familiar sound lighting up your morning cigarette. And whether you prefer a box of matches to the latest Zippo, next time you go out to smoke, make sure you light up your cigarette well. Otherwise, you’ll have to take a deeper breath doubling the amount of toxins traveling through your lungs right into your blood and further.
  2. Set a smoking schedule. Seriously. This is how you can make your body activate its biological clock that will automatically trigger the immune system to fight tar and nicotine. Say, you normally smoke half a package a day which makes 10 cigarettes. Then try to perform your inhaling sessions at 8.00am, 9.00am, etc. You got the idea, right?
  3. Smoking your cigarette only halfway isn’t a bad idea. I know, I know – your wallet wouldn’t appreciate it. But if you are going to smoke anyways, this is the only way you can avoid inhaling toxins settled on the filter.
  4. Of two evils choose the lesser. That’s why investing in good cigarettes with better filters and lower nicotine would do the trick. Also, steer clear from fragrances as they are overdosed with chemicals just as the bright leaf tobacco is (go for the black one instead).
  5. This one may sound a little old-fashioned but get yourself a good cigarette holder and here’s why. Some part of toxins in the smoke leaves the cigarette through the filter and micro pores in the paper covering. But because most people squeeze the cigarette by the filter, toxins quickly change their route and land right in your lungs. Cigarette holders come in various shapes and forms (the short ones look great!) and take only 20% of your filter.  They also allow you to keep the smoke that damages your skin off your face.
  6. Now let’s talk a little about food (finally!) and have a quick flashback to your biology classes. To minimize the damage of regular tar and nicotine intake, vitamins C and A can be put to good use. While C protects your body from early ageing by fighting, A strengthen the walls of your lungs. The bottom line: next time you go grocery shopping, you may want to add more broccoli, chili pepper, sweet potatoes, and tuna fish. PS. If you are lactose tolerant, consider having a cup of milk after dinner as it couples with toxins. Sticking to tar and nicotine, it then leaves your body dragging them behind.
  7. It’s no news but visit your doctor for regular checkups as it takes not more than 30 minutes a year. While many choose safe and easy-on-the-pocket lung cancer treatment in Istanbul, others prefer to adjust their lifestyle to their habits that are hard to resist. 

So what is your tip for today? My dad started with a glass of milk. Whatever your choice is, be good to yourself and people you love.

By Lada Endresen
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Lada Endresen is a co-founder of International Medical Tourism Center which bridges overseas patients and clinics in 27 countries. She is also a devoted health writer who believes preventive medicine saves lives.

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Smoking? 7 Little Known Tips for Healthy Lungs
Smoking? 7 Little Known Ways to Boost Your Health

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