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Stevia Makes Sweet Healthy
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Stevia has been around for several centuries, but research on Stevia started only in the early 20th century. Even with some research conducted, it was only in the past few decades that Stevia has gained recognition. Even then, the recognition has been partially due to the controversies surrounding it and the debates against and for its use. Although there have been different opinions arising on the importance and uses of Stevia, it is now widely accepted by countries and organisations as a sugar replacement, either as a food additive or as a dietary supplement.

Why choose Stevia sweetener?

Is Stevia good for you? Xlear Australia believes in Stevia's potent power to provide you and everyone else a better and healthier sugar replacement, that's why they offer quality Stevia products for your everyday use. Do you know why they trust this all-natural alternative to sugar? Is Stevia extract really more advantageous than sugar or will sugar be always better than a Stevia sweetener? These are all great questions and listed below are some of the reasons of why Xlear Australia believes so strongly in Stevia:

• This small green plant, bearing sweet leaves has been used as a sweetener by Guarani Indians of Paraguay for hundreds of years and contains a variety of healthful vitamins and minerals that are great for the body.
- Non-toxic and nutrient-rich: contains calcium, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin A and C, and other 100+ phytonutrients
- A digestive aid: reduces gas and stomach acidity, soothes upset stomachs
- A general tonic: increases energy levels and mental activity
- Zero calories (non-caloric): is safe for people with diabetes and hypoglycaemia
- Zero fat and zero carbohydrates: helps fight obesity

• It has medicinal effects that make it beneficial for children and adults alike.
- Ideal for weight loss control and weight management: reduces the craving for sweet, fatty foods or sugar
- Fluoride compatible and inhibits plaque development: helps prevent tooth decay and cavities
- Stabilises blood sugar levels in the body

• It is heat and pH stable.
- Ideal for cooking: does not ferment or darken

Naturally Sweet uses high-grade Stevia extract

It is because of these amazing benefits that Xlear Australia has sourced the best quality Stevia for their range of Naturally Sweet sugar alternative products. You also have to remember that there are some providers of low-grade Stevia being, so make sure you get the top quality product. With Naturally Sweet, you get the best prices without sacrificing quality. Xlear Australia ensures that the Stevia extract used in their Naturally Sweet Stevia sweetener products are of the highest quality - great taste, no bitter aftertaste, affordable, all-natural, and no chemicals or additives.

Xlear Australia understands your health-conscious lifestyle, so you can trust that you only get high-grade all-natural Stevia sweetener at affordable prices.

Where else can you find sugar in its sweetest, healthiest and most natural form? Thanks to Stevia, sweet is now healthy. So if you're trekking on the road towards good health, Xlear Australia's Naturally Sweet Stevia is your best buddy to living a great life.

By Dan Arthur
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Stevia Makes Sweet Healthy

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