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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis
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Research has shown that more than 50% of smokers would like to stop smoking. Many, if not most, have tried at least once to stop. Most using willpower, many using prescription drugs in the shape of nicotine patches and/or nicotine gum. For the vast majority these methods do not work. In fact many who use the patches still feel like smoking with the patch on. Some even peel the patch off in order to have a quick cigarette.

The withdrawal symptoms one feels when one stops smoking can be difficult to cope with. Cravings can leave the smoker either irritable, constantly eating (as a substitute) or feeling that something is missing from their life (or all three). It is no wonder that most smokers fear stopping. Who in their right mind would willingly go through an ordeal like that again?

There is help at hand. Research published in the "New Scientist" has shown that Hypnosis has proved to be the most effective method in helping Smokers stop for good, and easily!

Background to Smoking

Many smokers start smoking in their teens. The main reasons they give are: ·          To fit in with their friends or peer pressure ·          To look older ·          To impress the opposite sex ·          To rebel against authority ·          A combination of the above The first puffs of the first cigarette are usually unpleasant, with many smokers reporting that they coughed, choked, felt dizzy or felt sick. This is clearly because of the 2000 or so chemicals found in cigarettes, almost 400 of which are known poisons or carcinogens (cancer causing poisons).

In spite of these ill effects, the drive to fit in is so strong, that the person tries another, and another until their mind and body get used to the poisons and another smoker is created.

Why It Is Hard To Stop Smoking

The reason it is so hard to stop smoking is because the smoker has trained his mind to make it automatic. Most of the time we run on auto-pilot. We walk, talk, breathe, write, read without really thinking about how we do it and why we can do it so easily.

As a baby, walking was impossible. Learning to walk was difficult. There were many falls. Holding on to objects for support was necessary. Then suddenly there it was, the skill of walking mastered, then running and skipping and so on. Now we can walk and do three or four other things at the same time, all without concentrating on walking. It has become an unconscious skill.

It is the same with driving. At first it is difficult to concentrate on all the different parts, accelerating, braking, clutch, gears, mirrors, signals, road signs, roundabouts and so on. But after much practice we can take a regular route without remembering each gear change, indicator switch, brake, and even lights and roundabouts. It has become another unconscious skill. Exactly the same thing has happens with smoking!

Why Hypnosis Works So Well

Because hypnosis works with the unconscious mind, it is exactly the right tool to use to break habits, like nail-biting, snacking and smoking, to name but a few. It's a bit like using a screwdriver to turn a screw, or a cotton ball to wipe your face.

Using patches is like using a plaster to fix a broken bone, or a saw to hammer a nail or sandpaper to wipe your face. Any good tradesman will pick the tool that is right for the job, because it makes the job easier, quicker, and gives a better result.

Using Hypnosis professionally helps change the way the unconscious mind processes information, to a way that is more in keeping with the conscious mind's desires. See it like a large ship. The conscious mind can be likened to the bridge, with the captain setting the course for the ship. The unconscious mind can then be likened to the rest of the ship, the engine room, the galley, the storage bays, the fuel tanks, the crew and so on.

When the unconscious mind is in conflict with the conscious mind it's like having a mutiny on board. The captain is saying "Stop Smoking" and the crew say "no way, smoking is good, we have done it for years…keep doing it, and it makes us happy". This conflict leads to cravings, irritability and similar negative side-effects.

Using advanced hypnosis, the captain and crew work in harmony. There is no conflict. They are both working towards the same goal or destination, to be happier, healthier and in control of their lives. Because there is no conflict, there are no cravings, and because there are no cravings there is no overeating or irritability. Just the feeling of contentment.

The Different Forms of Hypnosis

There are different forms and levels of hypnosis. The hypnosis preferred for easy, quick and permanent results is known as Advanced Hypnosis. This uses the best of traditional hypnosis, and boosts it using the most modern tried and tested parts of Neuro Linguistics (the way the mind communicates to create behaviour).

The practitioner must be recognised by an official group like "The General Hypno-therapist Register" and be a qualified Hypnotherapist and a master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, if not a Trainer. Like all trades, there are good practitioners, and poor ones. Look at your prospective practitioners' file of testimonials to give yourself the peace of mind as to the competence of the practitioner.

By Gordon D’Silva BSc ACA MNLP HNLP
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Gordon is founder of the Silva Institute for Excellence and a qualified Advanced Clinical Hypnotist. He is a Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, and also trains others to become Master Practitioners.

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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

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