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Swine flu
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Swine flu is a threat to an increasing number of people.  It is best to be prepared for any threat like this in advance.  The use of essential oils can strengthen the preventative measures issued by the WHO (World Health Organisation) of:

  1. Wash you hands properly.
  2. Avoid contact with infection
  3. Get help as soon as symptoms emerge.


During the last threat of a pandemic, the bird flu, it was recognised that the essential oil of Star Anise was the only effective treatment and prevention.  The essential oil of Star Anise is the key natural ingredient in the vaccination Tamiflu.  The power of essential oils is also well known as it is the only effective barrier against MRSA.  Penny Price, Managing Director of Penny Price Aromatherapy Ltd (a company based in Hinckley, Leicestershire), says, "Too many people think that essential oils are limited in their use to massage and relaxing treatments.  Pure essential oils are, in fact, very effective natural chemical agents, distilled from plants.  They are safe and reliable against a threat like swine flu."


The Company has produced the ‘Flying Pig' range to help people concerned for their own well-being.  The range, from anti-microbial massage blends, through hand-washes, to vaporising blends designed to protect the general environment all harness the chemistry of essential oils to benefit those who use them.


CEO, Dr Bob Stephen, assured those who are anxious, "There is no need for unnecessary concern.  Nature responds to nature in appropriate ways.  Nature produces a threat: nature offers solutions.  That is why we are confident that, using our technical knowledge of the chemistry of essential oils, we have a range that will help at this time."

By Dr Robert Stephen phd
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


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