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The Dangers Of Heading Overseas for Cosmetic Surgery
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Spurred on by celebrities, more and more of us are thinking about going under the knife to achieve that perfect look. Whatever the reasons for opting for elective surgery, it’s important that patients treat it like other surgery. Unfortunately, people looking for a good deal will often find themselves heading overseas for treatment. Cut-price cosmetic surgery overseas might sound like a great deal, but there are hidden dangers lurking that people need to be aware of. Here are just some of the reasons patients should be cautious about having elective surgery abroad.

You can’t combine surgery with a holiday

A lot of companies will try to sell the benefits of the location in addition to the cheap cosmetic surgery. While relaxing in a beachfront hotel might sound like a dream, this is no place to recover from surgery. Most importantly, surgical wounds need to be kept dry and out of sunlight, so the chances of you being able to relax by the pool or take a dip in the ocean are slim to none. In reality, you’ll be stuck in an air-conditioned room with limited entertainment around you and dreading the flight home.

You shouldn’t fly too soon after surgery

For procedures like the mummy makeover, this is a lot for your body to recover from, so cramming yourself into an aeroplane seat for 3+ hours is the last thing you want to be doing. Not only will you be uncomfortable, but there is also a risk to your health. The risk of clotting is greater after cosmetic surgery, and this is increased when flying, so combining the two is dangerous to your health.

There could be a language barrier

Being able to ask questions throughout your surgical experience is essential. You might have questions before and after the surgery, but if you are in a foreign country and you do not speak the language, you might find yourself struggling to communicate. If you have your cosmetic surgery at home, you can be assured you’ll be able to speak to someone at any point to put your concerns to rest.

You need proper follow up care

The key to a successful surgery is good follow-up care to make sure everything is healing as it should. A good cosmetic surgeon will correct their mistakes, but this might not be an option if your surgeon is in another country. You can ask another doctor to look at the scars, but without knowledge of your surgery, it will be difficult for them to know what is best for you. You won’t have access to legal recourse in the event something goes wrong and you need to take action.

By Rebecca Harper
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Biography: Rebecca Harper is a freelance writer and researcher based in Manchester. She works closely with local cosmetic surgeons to investigate trends in customer attitudes towards different procedures.

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The Dangers Of Heading Overseas for Cosmetic Surgery

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