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The Effect of Dental Hygiene on Overall Health
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It is without a doubt as the world advances, humans are becoming more busier in their daily lifestyles. Often, it is possible that we can even neglect our dental hygiene to compensate for our busier lifestyles. Yet, this can have a major impact on your overall health in the long run.

So, what are the effects of dental hygiene on an individual’s overall health?


Dental Plaque Issues


There are going to be issues if you allow dental plaque to build up. Dental plaque is created from bacteria being built up, and your saliva can not always defend you from it. Then it forms into a sticky and colourless film around your teeth, therefore creating issues such as gum disease, periodontal disease, tooth loss, and cavities.


Furthermore, dental plaque has been linked to heart disease and diabetes, as it is believed by researchers that various form of bacteria can escape to bloodstreams. You can read further information about plaque here.


Not good for diabetic sufferers


If you are someone who is suffering or at risk of gaining diabetes, then poor dental hygiene can severely affect you. For instance, you are more likely to suffer from gum disease as it is believed in general, diabetic sufferers are more likely to get infections.

This is important as gum disease can increase your blood sugar which can cause you further complications. Hence, you should go for daily check ups with your dentist as often as possible, so they can treat any issues and problems you may have have.

Brush your teeth!

If you neglect on brushing your teeth then you are at risk of increasing of gaining plaque problems, and other chances for bacteria to thrive in your mouth. You can even cause tooth decay, which can cause tooth loss and actually affect the way you chew your food. So, the damage can be created long term which shows the importance of brushing your teeth!

Boosting your self esteem and confidence

There is a general consensus that having good dental hygiene and maintenance can create a boost in your confidence and self esteem overall. This is achieved by having the overall appearance of your teeth looking straight, which means you may consider braces to bite correctly and achieving a good smile! This means, you can sleep easily at night without worrying about toothaches and your general self-image.

You can even choose the type of braces you want nowadays, and the NHS provides further information about it here.

So, hopefully these facts have enlightened you on why it is essential to attain good dental hygiene since it can create a long term impact in the future.

As for myself, I visit a great dentist warrington practitioner who helps me on preventing dental issues! It does not take long to do daily dental routines in your everyday life, so hopefully this had made you think twice on what you can achieve by doing so.

By Z Halliwell MA
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The Effect of Dental Hygiene on Overall Health

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