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Treat Low Back Pain in Athletes
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is most common kind of pain situation happens in athletes. It may be hard workout, sports-related injury, or wrong exercise without proper guidance. Some of the Athletes games those commonly includes the low back pain are heavy weightlifters, swimming, gymnasts, rowers, golfers, cricket, football and hockey players. Some of the common causes of low back pain that can leave an impact on sports athletes.

Muscle strain or muscle spasms are common cause for low back pain. A heavy back workout exercise causes muscle stretches, tendons or ligaments to stretch or tear muscle. In case if this is not getting treated on time then it leads to lead to chronic lower back pain.

Past muscle injuries that were not proper healed, incorrect walking and sitting posture and low physical conditioning of body can easily cause you physical lower back pain. This kind of injury is a frequent spasm seen into the athlete’s life.

Low Back Pain Treatment in Athletes

Various kinds of treatments for sports athletes related to are being non-invasive. It actually ranges from experience therapists to pain killer medications. Within few minutes, athletes can easily get relief and go back to their regular work and physical activities. In this article, some of the beneficial treatments for sports athletes affected from low back pain is mentioned below:

Heat or Ice

Initial cold ice pack or heating pad will give relief from lower back pain, reduce high inflammation and enhance the flexibility in athletes. 20 Minutes of subsequent ice pack applied to the back will helps a lot. Within few weeks, sports athletes will get switch to heating pad or hot bath, spa treatment to get start relief from back pain. Heat treatment will loosen the injured and tight muscles and gives relax from low back pain.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is an effective and easiest way for sports athletes to recover faster from . Initial core exercises and normal workout will give more strength to the body muscles. Stronger the back muscle will give more ability to perform physical work doing practices and training camps.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal mobilization is also one of the effective ways to get treated from lower back pain. It easily relieve the body lower back pain by reducing pressure placed actually present on the body spine, enhance the body flexibility, improving the blood flow in veins and reducing muscle spasms and stress.

Physical Massage or Yoga Therapy

Human Body Physical therapy like massage or yoga also plays an important role to get treated and easily prevent the lower back pain. Physical therapists or experts will define the proper low back relief program based as per the athlete’s back condition - treatment can be a kind of combination of stretching, strengthening, and low-impact back exercises. These physical exercises will gives more strength to the back muscles directly support to the spine health. Yoga also helps to the low back relief. Some of the yoga practices under proper guidance will leads to easily get treated from lower back pain.

Anti-Inflammatory or Prescription Drugs

Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as pain killer medication will also help from back pain. Incase severe high pain relief, medical expert recommends the for few weeks to get instant relief for longer hours. These all are the prescription medication and proper health checkup will leads to this highly recommended prescription medication.

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