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Treating Allergies and Energy Toxins with Energy Psychology
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Energy Toxins. I am sure that is a new term for some of you. Everyone understands the usual connotations of the word toxin; something that is toxic to your health. What probably comes to mind are things like lead, dioxin, air pollution, radiation, and poisonous chemicals. They cause serious illness or even death. Some people even talk about “toxic families”, or “toxic people;” people who are so dysfunctional or behave so inappropriately that it is undesirable to be around them. It is just not good for their emotional health.

The same concept is true for energy toxins; they have a negative effect on a persons well being. They may not cause serious illness or death; however, they cause some type of dysfunction by disrupting the energy system of the body. This disruption could show up as allergic type reactions, or illness, some of which the traditional medical model cannot explain. Dr. Margaret Ayers and Dr. Penny Montgomery have measured changes in brain wave patterns due to substance sensitivities (energy toxins) using real time EEG. These abnormal patterns returned to normal after neutralizing the offending substance with an energy process called N.A.E.T.

Anything in our environment can be an energy toxin, and the substances can be identified by muscle/energy testing, aka Kinesiology. If the substance is toxic to your energy system, your muscle test will go weak when we introduce the substance into your energy field. That is the bad news. The good news is that we can correct the situation with a variety of energy processes. My favorites are the Allergy Antidotes/spinal release method created by Sandi Radomski, and EFT, created by Gary Craig.

Energy toxins disrupt the process of normal functioning or healing. In terms of energy psychology and releasing or healing issues, the process usually comes to a stand still. The issue will not resolve. Sometimes the indications are a client being energetically off balance. This means they are switched or reversed in their left to right, top to bottom or front to back energy polarities. If a client is constantly switching, I start looking for an energy toxin. We can identify the substance by muscle/energy testing and then energetically correct the situation.

Researchers have identified several substances that are the most common offenders. Among them are wheat (the number one offender), corn, eggs, soy, peanuts, sugar, and titanium. When these substances disrupt your energy system, your body does not know how to process them well. That means that there could be improper absorption of important nutrients, or improper disposal of waste material. Your body is not operating efficiently. The possible results of an allergic reaction to food are bloating and weight gain. Researchers are now implicating these toxic, allergic type reactions in a wide variety of unexplainable afflictions from ADD and Autism to unexplainable pain or the inability to loose weight. MS symptoms have disappeared because patients were assessed and treated for a reaction to their own body chemicals.

Children who become hyperactive, uncooperative, or violent after eating certain foods or a meal are probably experiencing an allergic reaction to something they ate. They may also have a rash on their face or ears, or dark circles under their eyes. They may experience an inability to write or draw in their normal fashion. Once we identify the offending food, balancing the energy system of the body alleviates the problem. Sometimes the person can resume eating the food, without the former effects, and sometimes not. Again, we use muscle testing to determine the appropriate course of action.

Food allergies are particularly difficult to identify. The problem is that only 2% of the allergic reactions to food show up in real time. There is a delay of hours or even days in the other 98% of the reactions. My own body is a great example of this.

While attending the seminar on Allergy AntidotesTM at a recent Energy Psychology conference in Toronto, I had myself tested for eggs and chicken. I have not been able to eat eggs since I can remember. My body produces a gag response, and I always blamed it on taste, consistency, smell, and my mother force-feeding me. You also need to know that my knees were aching badly and that I had eaten chicken the night before. I was very reactive to chicken and eggs, and two hours after Sandi applied the spinal release method to me 80% of the ache in my knees was gone.

This all took place in November, 2002. I still do not eat eggs and my knees no longer ache after I eat chicken. I have since identified my knees as an indicator of foods that are causing an allergic reaction in my body, hours after I eat. Sometimes the knee pain would keep me awake at night, and it was only showing up about the time I went to bed, several hours after a meal.

Since then, I have completely eliminated the need for allergy injections for pollen allergies. Another woman in the seminar had a titanium pin in her ankle, and was in a lot of pain. There was no physical reason for the pain. Sandi cleared her of the reaction to the titanium and the woman was out dancing with us the next evening, pain free. If you have surgical stainless steel, or titanium pins or screws in your body, and you have unexplained pain at the site, you might be having an allergic reaction to the substance. Remember that any substance can be an energy toxin.

It all depends on the individual. For more information on Allergy AntidotesTM and energy toxins, you can visit www.allergyantidotes.com.

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By Tom Porpiglia MS, LMHC, DCEP, EFT-ADV
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Tom is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Rochester NY. He is also a Diplomate of Comprehensive Energy Psychology and has been using several forms of Energy Psychology to help his clients heal from Trauma/PTSD Depression Allergies and more since 1998. His main tools are Emotional Freedom Technique Tapas Acupressure Technique and Allergy Antidotes.

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Treating Allergies and Energy Toxins with Energy Psychology

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