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Two Natural Cures That Baffled American Doctors!

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Did you know that food allergies are being permanently eliminated with a natural, energy-based treatment that takes minutes to administer.  Also, emotionally crippling phobias are being cured in one simple and painless session. Both treatments have a documented success rate of about 80% and scientific research to support their effectiveness. Have mainstream American doctors commented on these astounding results?  Perhaps they'll comment when they are done anxiously scratching their heads!

American physicians are perplexed by these treatments because Western medicine focuses on the chemical nature of the human body.  Conversely, Eastern health practitioners (from East and Southeast Asia) have focused on energy meridians for thousands of years.  They understand there is a vital energy system in the body that is separate from the cardiovascular and nervous system. This ancient theory views illness, allergies, and even negative emotions as blockages along the body's vital energy meridians.

The Allergy Cure
Most Americans are unfamiliar with energy-based medicine so we'll need to stretch our thinking for a moment.  Consider a treatment where you hold an allergen in your hand while receiving a special type of spinal adjustment.  About 24 hours later, after following some simple instructions, your allergy is gone!  This amazing treatment, called NAET, was discovered in the mid 1970's by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, a chiropractor and acupuncturist from California.  Dr. Devi detailed this breakthrough approach in her book, Say Goodbye to Illness, after she began successfully using it with patients in 1986.

According to NAET, when we encounter an allergen our immune systems react in a way that inflames and destroys healthy tissue. This inflammatory response creates a blockage in one of our meridians and thereby prevents the normal flow of vital energy. Thus an allergy develops. NAET unblocks the flow of energy and trains the body to accept the previously allergic substance.

NAET practitioners report a success rate of between 80% and 90%, where allergy symptoms are successfully eliminated. Moreover, Dr. Devi has established a research foundation which found that about 2/3 of all patients experienced a resolution of their allergy symptoms within 15 to 25 visits.  In my personal experience with NAET, I have usually needed only one treatment to eliminate an allergy and I've had over 50 different allergies completely resolved!

The Cure for Phobias and Other Emotional Problems
In order to help people with negative emotions and traumatic memories, the psychiatric profession typically has patients undergo therapy for months or even years. Sadly, many patients make little or no progress. Fortunately, a radical departure from traditional psychiatry would change these dismal results.

EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Technique, is based on the work of Dr. Roger Callahan, a California psychologist who relieved people of negative emotions by treating the body's energy meridians.  Gary Craig developed EFT, which purports that "the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."  Does this sound far fetched? Consider the Nei Ching, a central classic of Chinese medicine, which states that illness may be caused by negative emotions that are excessive or powerfully invoked; thus emotion can disrupt the normal flow of vital energy.

EFT does not view emotions as the "cause" of emotional trauma the way traditional psychiatry does.  EFT considers a blockage in the body's energy meridian as the cause of trauma and it get impressive results by doing so. The procedure is simple: while focusing on their problem, patients tap (with the fingertips) precise points on their energy meridians, thereby releasing blockages that held their negative emotions in place.  The procedure is repeated until no trace of the negative emotion is present.  The results are astounding and have changed people's lives in minutes.

Gary Craig claims his treatment has successfully eliminated stress, asthma, grief, phobia, anger, migraines, and even ADHD. Many clinical studies have been completed which back-up Craig's claims.  We recommend you go to the EFT site and download the free instruction manual in order to better understand this approach. Better yet, take a look at the EFT videos that show real patients eliminating debilitating emotional problems quickly and painlessly.

By Robert Fioravante
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Biography: Robert Fioravante is a professional educator and webmaster of a complete resource for conventional allergy information as well as the new energy-based allergy treatments.

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Two Natural Cures That Baffled American Doctors!

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