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Vega Testing-Food Allergies

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Vega Testing, Food Allergies & Bioelectronic Assessments for Health Problems

The most advanced devices are mostly computerised these days

Bioelectronic machines, such as the Vega Testing and best machines, scan the body by detecting minute changes in the conductance of the skin over acupuncture points. The most advanced devices are mostly computerised these days and store thousands of test ampoules electronically in a memory bank.

Patients can be tested for food allergies and chemical sensitivity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Also, with specialised tissue matching ampoules, it is possible to assess and compare organic functions. For example, if the liver is stressed we can obtain a percentage value on a meter scale to monitor progress of the liver and other organ functions in response to dietary changes and medicines given.

Testing Procedure

During a typical session with the computerised Vega Expert, the patient holds a metal tube connected by a wire to the system. The practitioner touches one of the patient's acupoints with a handheld electrode, which is also connected to the machine. This enables the practitioner to measure the electrical energy of the acupoint on a meter. Food allergies test items are then fed into the circuit and the response to each item is noted. For example - if you have a wheat problem the body will react on this "subtle energy" level and the meter reading will drop - indicating an aversion to the substance.

This enables the practitioner to measure the electrical energy of the acupoint on a meter

The effect of different medicines can also be monitored by the resonance reaction, which occurs in testing. Although this sort of device should not be used alone instead of traditional blood tests to diagnose specific conditions, it has been shown to be extremely accurate in confirming results and offering extra information to patients to assist them in their choices of treatment.

The value of such testing in skilled hands cannot be overestimated. The multi-dimensional nature of chronic disease requires a full understanding of each individual's nutritional balance and how the body is reacting to food, chemicals and medicines. We also need to be aware of the effects of parasites in the body - since these can undermine the health by blocking the proper absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. "One man's meat is another's poison" is certainly true in the area of nutrition.


By David Broom
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Vega Testing-Food Allergies
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