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Visit Shambhala Dental Clinic For best root canal treatment in Hyderabad
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This list of Foods to Eat After Root Canal will help you stay full and give you ideas of soft food to eat after oral surgery wisdom teeth removal or other dental work.  This is food for when you want to eat but you can’t chew!   Below is the list of food to avoid after a root canal treatment:    1. HARD FOODS For starters, patients who had a root canal done need to avoid any type of hard foods. These include crackers, potato chips, nuts, carrots, candy and even ice. With these foods, a person could bite down hard on the tooth. Not only could that cause pain, but it could also extend the healing time.    2. CHEWY FOODS After having a root canal treatment performed, the goal is to give the area time to heal. That means not doing anything that would irritate it. For that reason, a person should avoid any kind of chewy food. Apart from taffy and chewing gum, this includes steaks and other meats.    3. HOT AND COLD FOODS Although a root canal is a common form of oral surgery performed on millions of people each year, it is still surgery. The drilling, scraping and cleaning that the dentist does usually makes the tooth more sensitive to hot and cold.   4. SPICY FOODS Surgery, even oral surgery, is a funny thing in that many people wake up wanting something spicy to eat. Whether nachos with jalapenos, homemade chili or a big burger topped with chipotle sauce, anything spicy is a no-no following a root canal.    5. ALCOHOL For patients who enjoy an adult beverage from time to time or a glass of wine with dinner — it is important to wait. The problem is that alcohol promotes bleeding. While people have only slight bleeding after a root canal, consuming a beer or cocktail could change that.    

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Biography: Shambhalathe Best Root canal treatment in Hyderabad with modern techniques for all dental problems.

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Visit Shambhala Dental Clinic For best root canal treatment in Hyderabad

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