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WANTED: Success and happiness as a health practitioner
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Are you trying to make a living as a therapist or health practitioner? Self-enquiry is an evolutionary way for you to cultivate bliss and success in your life and therapy work.

This article offers some questions for therapists to ponder so they can start using self-enquiry in their therapy practice to create bliss and success as a therapist. Imagine what it would be like to have a state of mind of deep inner peace and serenity - feeling joyous, content, calm, abundant, centred, grateful, inspired, prosperous, supported, secure, invigorated, carefree, creative, and blessed. Self-enquiry is an approach that helps you to foster a state of mind and a way of life that feels like paradise. And this state of mind can be with you anywhere, anytime, no matter what external situation you face. In other words, it is a portable paradise.

Recognising the ups and downs of working as a therapist, our free eBook "The Therapist's Portable Paradise" gives practical advice from more than 20 successful therapists about how to make it work as a therapist, how to use self-enquiry in your therapy business practice and how to create a portable paradise.

When we talk about self-enquiry we mean a combination of awareness, inner reflection, self-analysis and self-healing. Deep introspection and self-study helps you become more aware of your doubts, fears, beliefs, emotions, judgements, intentions, motivations and thought patterns.

Some questions to guide your self-enquiry and inner reflection are:

Do I love this work?

Is this really me?

Where do I hide from my pain?

How do I avoid life?

What is my path? Am I following the call of my heart?

Is this my calling/passion?

Is there an undercurrent of wanting or avoiding in my pursuits and actions?

Can I be more creative and dynamic at what I do?

What is my motive for being of service to others?

Am I in a constant state of anxiety; preoccupied; or feeling fear, resentment    or  sadness?

Am I offering something primarily to make money, feel valuable or useful, build my ego, or avoid emotions driven by fear?

The best way to receive insight about these questions is to sit in a meditative state, ask the question but do not 'think' about the answer. Allow the answer to come naturally to you through a feeling, vision, inner wisdom, or realisation.

Over time, with continued self-enquiry, you will notice an internal shift which will help you to remain calm, focused and inspired as you build your therapy practice. There are 10 Actions in our free eBook to support you in using self-enquiry in your everyday life.

By James K Golding and Leisa Millar
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: James Ketub Golding and Leisa Millar are both holistic therapists and authors, who blend their deep passion for spirituality, health and humanity in their work.

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How to be SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY as a Therapist - Ten Actions that Work
WANTED: Success and happiness as a health practitioner

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