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Want to Get Rid of Vertigo Know About these 14 Interesting Ways!
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Do you experience vertigo? Most people consider vertigo as fear of heights. But actually, it is acrophobia and not vertigo. Though you can suffer from vertigo at a height, it is not the reason it happens.

 What actually is vertigo?

It is a condition where you feel spinning of the head. Sometimes, the room might appear whirling, waving, or off tilt.  It is a popular yet overestimated illness targeting people of all age groups. This problem persists not just in adults, but even in small children. The unique aspect of this disorder is that it can occur from different causes. On an average, there are 40 different causes that can result in a balance disorder.  Almost 30% of the world population is affected by dizziness at some point in time in their life and 5% of the population has vertigo in any given year. But vertigo and dizziness are not diseases. They are only symptoms of underlying disorders. Therefore, suppressing the symptom is not the solution & it’s very important to identify the root cause

Types of Vertigo

Vertigo can be categorized into two types – Objective and Subjective!

Objective vertigo is a condition when a person feels the surroundings around him is moving. Contrary, subjective vertigo is when a person feels his head is moving or spinning. Vertigo can occur because of numerous things and it is usually a situation with the brain or inner ear.

Most of the individuals consider vertigo as a medical issue, but actually, it is a symptom. Some kinds of vertigo will banish by themselves, but there are others that will need medical treatment. Before anything major happens, I would suggest you visit a doctor and get vertigo checked. Once you are sure that you are suffering from vertigo then you can follow some steps to reduce the effects.

Interesting Ways to Get Rid of Vertigo

1.      Getting a Diagnosis Done

A proper diagnosis is important, so you are aware exactly what is causing vertigo to you. There are different vertigo treatments available. The type of treatment you can avail depends on the kind of vertigo you have. Vertigo can occur because of head injuries, a disorder in the inner ear, tumours, strokes, or migraines. Sometimes, it can be benign. Hence, it is important to identify the root cause of this problem, which can be identified only through a proper diagnosis.

2.      Prop Up Your Head While Sleeping by Placing More Pillows

Your vertigo problem can become worse if you sleep with a single pillow. Propping up your head with two or more pillows will prevent movement of inner ear crystals. Also, this will prevent dislodging of the inner ear. If you don’t want to place more pillows under your head, then you can sleep on your back or side and not on your stomach. This would avoid unnecessary disruptions in the ear crystals.

3.      Avoid Lowering Your Head Past the Shoulders

One prominent reason for movement and disruption in inner ear crystals is lowering of head past the shoulders. This can result in dislodging and floating of the crystal around. Being a vertigo patient, you must try to pick things by bending at knees and not at the waist. Also, avoid performing exercises that would require you to bring the head to a lower level than your shoulders.

4.      Don’t Try to Neck Stretching

Might be you stretch your neck to reach for something, but again this can affect the crystals of the inner ear. Making attentive moves and avoid neck stretching would help you prevent vertigo from occurring again and again.

5.      Avoid Making Movements all of a Sudden

A sudden movement can result in havoc in the inner ear. For this reason, you must even avoid participating in impactful sports as well as riding roller coasters. Though you can enjoy light sports and exercises, do keep a check on the intensity. Swimming, walking, and jogging are best for you!

6.      Quit Smoking at Once

Smoking is not good for health and even not for your head. Smoking can trigger vertigo and can even interrupt between the treatments. If you smoke then it would minimize the effect of the treatment you would obtain from vertigo. So, if you seriously want to get rid of vertigo then you must quit smoking now. You can join a support group or an online forum. Quitting smoking is hard, but not impossible.

7.      Practice Epley’s Maneuver

With the help of a professional physician, it is possible to perform Epley's manoeuvre. Such practices can place ear crystals in the correct position and reduce the effects of vertigo.

During the practice, you would be placed in different positions. Such positions are designed to eradicate the crystals from sensitive areas of the inner ear. The expert physician can help you perform these exercises by yourself.

8.      Keep a Check on Your Diet

Some simple dietary changes can help reduce the symptoms of vertigo. Consume less salt, drink lots of water and fluids so that you stay hydrated. This is an excellent way out when you are a vertigo sufferer as well as experiencing the Meniere’s disease.

9.      Check Medications

There are some antibiotics that may help to combat vertigo. These antibiotics can help vertigo go away at once. There are different medicines that can treat vertigo. But it is always wise to consume medications only after a prescription from the doctor. your physician will prescribe you with the best medications.

10.  Practice Acupuncture

Few Chinese medicines are great to solve numerous health problems. One such methodology is acupuncture that can be of great support when you cannot get rid of the vertigo symptoms. Check for different sessions of acupuncture from an expert as this could provide you with effective relief from the problem.

11.  Ask for Supplements

Just like few medications, there are even certain health supplements that can help you get relief from vertigo symptoms. One such supplement is Ginkgo Biloba that supports to enhance the blood circulation to the brain. These supplements can help to reduce the feeling of vertigo motions. If you will consume supplements on a regular basis, then this would improve your health symptoms.

12.  Meditation and Breathing Exercise

Unhealthy lifestyle practices and stress can worsen the symptoms of vertigo. Hence, if you live a hectic lifestyle then you need some mind and body relaxing medicine. Instead of consuming harmful medications, it is best to practice breathing exercises and practice meditation and other relaxation methods. Such techniques are highly effective to relieve the symptoms of vertigo. Hypnosis and guided imagery are also feasible options that you can try.

13.  Go for Alternative Therapy

You can go for alternative therapies from a trained and experienced osteopath, like craniosacral therapy. This method is designed to offer high relief from the symptoms of dizziness and vertigo. Such therapies are gentle yet effective to treat the condition.

With the help of alternative therapies, it is possible to release tension in temples and head as well as boost the healing power of the entire body. This therapy is a great solution specifically for those who are experiencing vertigo because of an accident.

14.  Check for Surgery

If any of the above measures are not able to provide you relief from vertigo symptoms, then the eventual solution is surgery. Surgical measures are suggested for patients experiencing severe vertigo problems. It is effective if you experience regular medical issues like Meniere’s disease, BPPV, Vestibular Neuritis, and Chronic Labyrinthitis. In order to know about the surgical measure, it is advisable to consult an experienced and skilled practitioner in the respective field.

These are some of the ways that will help minimize the vertigo effects, depending on the reason behind your vertigo problem. Before you adopt any method just consult an expert doctor.

 Neuro Equilibrium is India’s Largest & Most Advanced Chain of Vertigo Treatment Clinics with some of the cutting - edge and patent-pending technologies developed and manufactured in India. Through these technologies, the underlying cause of vertigo is diagnosed which was not possible earlier and treated accordingly.

By Dr Anita Bhandari A post graduate in ENT from SMS Medical College, Jaipur and a Fellow in Otology and Neurotology from Singapore
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

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Biography: Dr Anita Bhandari is as a Senior Consultant with Jain ENT Hospital in Jaipur India. She is an MS in ENT and has done Fellowship in Otology and Neurotology from Singapore. Anita has acted as a Principal Investigator on a UNICEF collaborated project for three years that worked with 3000 underprivileged children. She has developed three patent-pending breakthrough technologies in the related field and is passionately driving NeuroEquilibrium's Advanced Vertigo and Balance Disorder Clinics across India and Asia and Africa. Anita is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences on vertigo and balance disorder management.

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Want to Get Rid of Vertigo? Know About these 14 Interesting Ways!

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