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Weight Loss - Why Some can & some cannot
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Why is it that some people can loose weight fairly easily and others find it impossible?

You have to look at:

Why you have become over-weight and what is causing your body to retain this excess weight?

What you eat - We may be intolerant to certain foods i.e. our bodies are unable to deal with them appropriately and therefore it treats them as harmful toxins. If your body is unable to deal with these toxic foods, it will tend to store them within fat cells until later. The more we eat foods to which we are intolerant, the more fat cells the body will create to store them, resulting in weight gain. The Health Status Test will identify any foods to which you are intolerant, so that you can eliminate them from your diet.

How much you eat - Most people with an over-weight problem are generally eating too much of the wrong foods. It is very difficult to over eat on a good diet as your body lets you know when it has received sufficient nutrients to sustain the energy levels it is currently requiring. When you increase the need for more energy you body will ask for more. Unfortunately, when you eat a poor diet your body does not receive the essential nutrients it requires after a normal meal, so it demands more food in a desperate attempt to try to replenish this nutrient shortage. The result is that we start snacking - net result you gain weight.

Additionally, if you eat more than your body truly requires this will create digestive problems like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), constipation, bloating and gas.

When you eat - This can be nearly as important as to what you eat - but is often overlooked. Eating a healthy breakfast really does set you up for the day and can stop you from snacking on stimulants like chocolate and cakes and drinking too much tea and coffee. The right snacks can be good, for instance fruit or organic cherry tomatoes and other raw vegetables. Whether you eat 3 main meals or 5 smaller ones it is very important not to eat after 8pm. This is when you body will slow down or even stop digesting food as it enters the assimilation (turning food into usable energy) period. Anything you eat bar fruit and salad will not be utilised and remain in the body as fat.

Exercise - this is essential for two reasons:

•A) It raises the metabolic rate, helping you to burn calories and lose weight.

•B) It boosts the heart and circulation, thus bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues and organs.

•C) It boosts the lymphatic system. This is the system that channels the waste products (and unwanted fats) from your body. The lymphatic system has no ‘pump' to mobilise the toxins, so we need movement in the form of exercise to do this.

The Health Status Test will enable you to identify food intolerances and nutrient shortages. We will provide dietary advice as well as advice on specific supplement s which will help you remove toxins and so lose weight. In addition, our test will identify the type of fat you are storing. This is important as some fats are much more difficult to remove than others. This is why some people find it more difficult to lose weight.

By Gwenda Jones B.Sc(Hons), PGCE, DipION
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Author: B.Sc(Hons), PGCE, DipION

Biography: Nutritionist, Kinesiologist & Biochemist. Owner of: Nature's Nutrition - The centre for Health & Rejuvenation.

Gwenda trained at the Institute of optimum Nutrition and continued to practice there for a few years specialising in Cancer. She has since trained in Kinesiology, which allows much more accurate advice to be given. Using this knowledge and her degree in Biochemistry she has developed the Health Status Test.

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Weight Loss - Why Some can & some cannot

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