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What Is an Average Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR
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Baldness has many treatment options nowadays though they are not so cheap.  But when you go in for a hair surgery, you need to look at some important points that will help you judge the estimation of total transplantation cost.  Often the feeling of guilt prevails in hairless people and they go by the flashy advertisements in newspapers and internet.  But the chance of risking your money is also high since a slight variation between the marketing words and the actual commitment can set you behind many dollars.  Since most of the people in US alone suffer from alopecia, they have a significant problem of hair loss or baldness.  The majority of bald population has given rise to many small and big hair transplant clinics there.  Slowly this trend has also grown in India and we see many hair transplant centers in and around Delhi NCR working their way towards healthy hair growth and regeneration.  When we talk about India, the question remains what is the average cost of hair transplant in Delhi NCR?

Hair transplantation in Delhi is definitely cheaper than that in US or any European nation.  However, as an Indian, you will still find it a little bit alarming that each hair will cost you some minimum costing.  Yeah! That’s true because hair transplantation cost is based wholly on each graft implanted. 

In general, doctors charge around 40k-50k to cover a part of your scalp, which depends on the type of clinic.  You can also select per graft injection.  Most commonly now since extensive competition, clinics are charging from a modest Rs. 20 per hair by follicular transplant method.  But you can go for a follicular implantation if you don’t like any surgical option.  FUE is somewhat costly than FUT although its package cost has come down sharply due to more people opting for this kind.  FUE can cost Rs. 25-30 or upwards, although for a wider area, FUT is preferred.

Before going forward with any of these treatments, one needs to study the difference between a graft and a single hair.  Since hair grows in groups which a graft will include in a number of 1-4, the surgery cost will be based upon the number of grafts and not hair.  If a hair transplantation clinic charges you on the number of hair, then it means you are being overcharged since single hair transplant will take more time to implant than a single graft and the process is literally impossible.  So beware and just pay per graft!  Your wisdom and clear insight about the type of implantation will give you higher savings and of course, make you greatly contended of the mane you adorn.

By mayank singh M.S M.Ch
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Biography: Dr Mayank Singh who is a board certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon and a renowned expert in Hair transplant with over 2500+ successful hair transplant surgeries to add to his growing repute.

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What Is an Average Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR?

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