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What is Daoyin Tao
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By definition, Daoyin TaoŽ is a harmonious blend of softened and adapted Chinese and Western massage skills which creates a powerful synergy and brings relaxation and balance to the whole body through contact on the Face, Neck and Shoulders only.

By experience, Daoyin TaoŽ is best described as "Feeling is Believing!" This gentle, flowing form of massage generates a deep sense of inner peace and tranquillity thus allowing the natural healing forces within the body to impart their innate restorative powers, leaving the recipient with a lasting experience which benefits all levels of being.

How is it different?

Daoyin TaoŽ was accredited in April 2002 by its Originator, Anna-Louise Haigh, who has a background in Complementary Therapies extending to 1987 when she qualified as a Clinical Aromatherapy and Reflexology Practitioner. Over 6 years of development, supported with much study and travel in China, lead to the undeniable awareness that much potential lay in the knowledge and techniques which make-up the therapy of Daoyin TaoŽ.

Based on skills used in Chinese hospitals and clinics, Daoyin TaoŽ has a strong link to these traditional approaches as the energy of the acupoints and meridians is "worked" in such a way to create a deeply positive, healing effect. The development of Daoyin TaoŽ was initially focused on helping sinus and migraine sufferers and through their encouraging results, the demand for this treatment grew rapidly. In addition, other benefits were reported, such as easing of bodily pain, constipation, hormonal balance and the list goes on.

Although everyone interprets their Daoyin TaoŽ experience differently, the common thread which is echoed by all is that this treatment is very holistic; affecting the body, mind and spirit to create a harmonious blend of healing potential. As you might expect, deep relaxation, rejuvenation, rebalancing and revitalization are all part of what Daoyin TaoŽ has to offer. In addition, relief from congestion, tense muscles, pain and discomfort accompany the gentle detoxification effect for which Daoyin TaoŽ is becoming known.

Peace of Mind

In pursuing a "new" therapy, one needs to have peace of mind that the practitioner is well-trained and is competent. All Daoyin TaoŽ Practitioners enter the 6 day study of this therapy having already gained qualifications and experience in other allied Complementary Therapies.

"Feeling is Believing!"

With the momentum rapidly growing, based on the positive results experienced by those who have tried Daoyin TaoŽ, it won't be long before this therapy is as widely known as other popular therapies enjoying the limelight.

To fully understand the potential of Daoyin TaoŽ, one must experience it first hand. With self-help techniques available to continue the benefits for yourself, Daoyin TaoŽ is very suited to today's health and holistic healing needs.

By Anna-Louise Haigh
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Biography: Since its launch in April 2002, Daoyin TaoŽ is now practiced across the country in Ireland, Scotland and even New Zealand! All practitioners who join the Daoyin Tao Association after graduation use the letters MDYTA after their name. In addition, as Anna-Louise Haigh is presently the only Teacher of Daoyin TaoŽ, these graduates have been trained by the Originator.

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What is Daoyin Tao?
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