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What is Feng Shui
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Feng Shui, literally translated means wind and water and it is concerned with the interaction between ourselves, the buildings we inhabit, and the wider environment. The practice of Feng Shui aims to influence this interaction in order to enhance our quality of life. To many westerners, Feng Shui may seem a mystical practise because of our unfamiliarity with the notion of Chi, which can be roughly translated as vital energy or 'life-force'. Chi does not only move around our bodies but also our homes, offices and beyond and like water, healthy chi is moving chi. Sometimes chi can either move too quickly or can get stuck and become stagnant. When this happens in the body illness develops and when stagnation occurs in the home Feng Shui is used to balance and harmonise the energies, so bringing about a happier, more prosperous and healthy life.

For the more sceptically minded, more recently modern science can provide a wealth of research to back up the simple fact that our environments do substantially affect us. For example - Colour, Space, Images, Light, Plant Life and others.

Whilst Feng Shui has attracted a massive amount of coverage in the UK press and television over the last eighteen months, it would appear that it is not just a fad. Far from it, Feng Shui has been actively practised for centuries in many eastern countries (in particular Hong Kong) and dates back over 3000 years. In recent years it has become very popular in the US and is rapidly spreading in popularity.

By Robert Gray
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