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What is High Touch Jin Shin
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High Touch Jin Shin is considered to be 4,000 years old and based on the teachings of Jin Shin Jyutsu. It is a form of acupressure and uses the eastern knowledge of the body's energy, including the chakras and meridians, and works on both the physical and emotional levels. It was first recorded in Japan in 712 A.D. in "The Record of Ancient Things". Philosopher Jiro Murai rediscovered it in the 1900's. Mary Burmeister, a Japanese American, trained with him for 15 years and then returned to America with the knowledge of this art in the 1940's. It first arrived in Europe in the 1980's. High Touch Jin Shin is a presentation of this art as taught to Betsy Ruth Dayton, a student of Mary Burmeister.

When its natural energy is freely flowing, the body has a huge capacity to heal itself. The ancient cultures in which Jin Shin developed, identified the areas of the body we tend to 'block' and devised sequences of 'touch' to release them.  It utilises the lifeforce than comes from our fingertips, which when applied with a gentle touch, supports rather than pushes the natural flow of the body's energy. It is totally non-invasive and cannot harm the body in any way and helps to restore the body's naturally harmonious, healthy state. Jin Shin has a powerful 'feel good' factor and is a simple, portable and, once taught, free method of helping our families and ourselves to better health.  The body has 26 bi-lateral energy release points where we can feel pulses.  Blockages in this flow results in congestion and eventually dis-ease. By simple holding the congested areas in a variety of bi-lateral points they can be released.

In this age of jet travel people go to numerous exotic destinations, often to some of the remotest parts of the earth, and far from medical services. Modern-day living is increasingly stressful. It is, therefore, comforting to be able to help oneself to the basic knowledge of how to stay healthy and to get relief from numerous common ailments, from abdominal pain to yawning too much, wherever you are. All the instructions are given in an easy to follow, handbag/pocket sized booklet produced by the High Touch Jin Shin Network. How to use the booklet forms part of the one-day introductory classes given to the public and forms the first stage of practitioner training.
At a much more therapeutic level, treatments are available. Such treatments consist of you lying fully clothed on a couch. The practitioner will hold the wrist pulses to determine which 'flows' are relevant. A sequence of lightly touching the required acupressure points will follow.  A deep sense of relaxation is normally experienced.   Instruction will then normally be given as to which points would be beneficial for your self-help.   Jin Shin also heightens the effects of other healing modalities.

By Dee Platt
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What is High Touch Jin Shin?

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