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What is Homoeopathy Healing
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Homoeopathy is a complete system of alternative medicine that is safe, simple and effective. It treats the whole person with non-toxic remedies to help build up their health in order that they are able to heal naturally from whatever disease process they are suffering.

The body has its own healing or life sustaining energy and homoeopathic treatment helps the body to use this energy to heal itself. This way of healing can benefit anyone. Usually one of the first things people notice when treated is an increased feeling of well-being, health and happiness. If you are interested but don't know much about homoeopathy yet, I would recommend getting one of the many introductory books that are now available. Browse through a few and find one that is written in a style that suits you.


Most people today have heard of homoeopathy. It was founded by a man called Samuel Hahnemann in the 1700s but the principles upon which homoeopathy rests go back beyond the ancient Greek physician Paracelsus to the Vedic writings of over 2,500 years ago. In a world where the bodies of people are being treated with vaccinations, chemicals, radiation, drugs and heavy metals, (with modern life styles and poor nutrition) it is far from being a natural world with only simple health problems. Many different methods of applying homoeopathic principles, (focused on the value of what works rather than adherence to any particular theory of how Homoeopathy should be done), have been developed in the last 20 years in order to simplify and make effective the treatment of 21st century diseases.

The use of Language

We are subject to the effect of our language. For the vast majority of us, how we say something may be how we interpret it For instance the following sentence:

'I have measles'.

We are fooled by the style of language into believing that measles is something separate from ourselves that we can possess, that it is an object, that it has a real existence separate from us. I have a disease may be translated by our minds into the belief that the disease is something apart from ourselves and has its own existence. It follows that it should not belong to us, that someone or something else gave it us. We have 'got' it against our own will and we pretend we are separate from it. Can you cure 'It', Doctor???

For instance if arthritis was something separate from the individual who 'has' it then we should be able to solve the problem of long waits at the G.P.'s by sending our arthritis to the doctor by parcel post.

Looked at another way it is impossible for us to be justified in fighting with our own internal survival process, which is what symptoms indicate. Symptoms are not the problem; disease is not the problem - Our attitude and beliefs about our symptoms and what their purpose is, that is our problem. This meaning, how we use our language, may give a different perception of our illness. Change this perception and the possibilities can be vast. This may increase our trust with our own bodies.

Instead of working against our 'dis-ease', homoeopathy works with the process of disease to help to stimulate, support or remind our natural, innate healing potential at all levels.

'Being' a Homoeopath

The most effective Homoeopathic practitioners see disease and the healing processes as an integral part of the sick individual, not something separate that needs to be cured. Being a Homoeopath is not something you 'learn', it is not so much about what you know, it is about who you 'are' and the way you see the world.


NOTE: Seek the advice of a qualified physician who is conversant with your health background and current problems before undertaking new or alternative remedies.


By Christopher Hammond
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


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What is Homoeopathy Healing?
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