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What is Journey Therapy
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The Journey is a therapy designed to deal with the elimination of painful emotions hidden within the body. Only then, can a sense of well-being at the core of human life be restored or reclaimed. The result of this work is experienced in changes that take place in relationships, work and health.  For this reason, The Journey can truly claim to be a personal development tool for reaching one's human potential. 

What happens through processing journeywork is that behavioural patterns supporting negative challenges ranging from trauma and depression in adults to truancy and other symptoms of unhappiness in young people, are cleared easily and effortlessly. 

The history of The Journey dates back to 1992. It was pioneered in England by Brandon Bays, a Californian therapist who discovered, through her own successful battle with a tumour, the process which she later called The Journey.

In her personal journey, Brandon found a way to seek out painful emotions she hid within her womb. Her tumour, she learned, was not just a manifestation of ill health but a repository for unprocessed and unhappy emotions.  She was very young at the time of first encountering her painful challenges.  Her emotional skills had not matured at that early age. And now as a married woman in her late thirties, the pain of those early encounters, embedded silently and secretly in her body for decades, began showing its presence through a large growth.  The conclusion to be made was that the tumour was emotion driven. To rid herself of the tumour, Brandon had to rid herself of the painful emotions. This was how The Journey Therapy came to be born.

The secret of the success of The Journey is the means by which one is enabled to enter into the emotions, examine them and find the point of life at which they entered and were stored. Painful though these emotions may be when relived, the self-forgiveness and forgiveness of those involved in the issue that surfaces is the healing factor.

The Journey gives the understanding that clogging emotions and their manifestation are blocks and not the real source of life.   The real Source which can be accessed in The Journey process is what brings peace of mind or well being or personal freedom.   The way is then opened for clearance and healing to take place in the cells.  Research into cell pattern programming and the emotions has been intensified in the last years. Deepak Chopra has written extensively on the programmed memory of human cells.

Today, The Journey gives anyone who lives with emotion driven issues, the opportunity  to process out these blocks at cellular level bringing wholesome release and change.  It does not matter what the issues are or how they are manifested within the body. Difficult challenges such as degenerative physical disorders, ME,  allergies, depression, unhappy relationships, sexual problems, broken careers or financial misfortune can be eliminated easily and effortlessly through this amazing therapy. 

By Katharine O'Sullivan-Walmsley
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Katharine O'Sullivan Walmsley is a writer and editor. She is also a
qualified Accredited Journey Practitioner who trained with Brandon Bays in Australia. She practises under the name of Katharine Walmsley in Brighton, Newhaven, Lewes, East Sussex and London. She also makes home visits. She gives talks on The Journey at Revitalise in Hove Sussex generally on a monthly bais.

Katharine also organises with jAnne Pether, a Journey colleague, workshops
entitled Lifechanges through Emotional Clearance. This is a combination of
emotional clearance with Emotional Freedom Techniques and Emoenergy.

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Lifechanges Through Emotional Clearance, energy therapy, emotional freedom technique
What is Journey Therapy?

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