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What is Prana Therapy?

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"You ought not to heal the body without the soul for this is the great error of our day in treating the human body" 

Plato was one of the greatest philosophers in history. He lived almost 2500 years ago and knew at that time already that there was something more to healing then just treating the physical body.

As we look beyond the physical body we may be surprised to find another body the energy body. In truth there are even many more "bodies" beyond that, but that would be beyond the scope of this article.

Our human body is composed of the visible physical body, and the invisible energy body called the bioplasmic body, human energy field or aura. This invisible luminous energy body interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it. The aura is visible to clairvoyants as a glowing area resembling a coloured cloud around someone and had been made visible in Kirlian photography.

Prana is a Sanscrit world meaning vital energy or life force. Prana permeates everything in the universe. It is called Chi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese and Ruah or breath of life in Hebrew. Prana Therapy is an energy healing technique based on the overall structure of the human body. Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana or life energy to heal dis-ease, which are nothing else but energy imbalances.

The healing process involves the manipulation of the patient's chakras, or energy centers, prana and aura. Other names for it are: medical quigong, psychic healing, therapeutic touch, laying of hand, magnetic healing and faith healing. The energy body or aura is a field of energy that contains the physical as well as etheric, emotional, mental and causal (soul) bodies. The etheric body consists of the pathways of energy (nadis), which converge at different spots in the energy body to form the energy centers or chakras. These centers (chakras) act like traffic lights and govern the flow of energy and the health of the physical organs associated with them. The advanced pranic healer can see, feel and work with the seven main energy centers as well as the numerous minor and mini centers that exist throughout the body. The seven main energy centers, beginning at the base of the spine up to the crown of the head, also correspond to gradually increasing levels of greater consciousness and the highest centers in the head to increasing spiritual awareness.

Our thoughts and feelings are forms of energy reflected in the energy centers and the energy field. Each of the main centers has specific emotional and psychological issues associated with them. Unhealthy thought patterns and blocked emotions create imbalances in the energy bodies and can manifest as a wide range of ailments. The aura is the human energy body and reflects the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state in it in form of colours Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "spinning wheel of energy". These energy centers receive and transmit energy, and each is situated at a major endocrine gland, and nerve bundle called plexus. In this way, each chakra is connected and associated with a different part of the body.

There are seven major charkas:

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the adrenal glands. It's closest to the earth and grounds us to the physical world. It controls your physical vitality, "flight or fight" response and physical survival instincts. Its colour is red.

The Sex Chakra is located just below the navel and associated with the gonads. It represents our sexuality, creativity, self esteem and pleasures. Its colour is orange.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is just above the navel, in the center of the solar plexus. Its associated endocrine gland is the pancreas. It is where the "gut feeling" comes from; emotions are processed and pass through. It gives us a sense of personal power in the world. Its colour is yellow.

The Heart Chakra is in the heart. The associated endocrine gland is the thymus. It is the center for unconditional love, tolerance, empathy, forgiveness, and compassion. By some considered the seat of the soul. Its colour is green.

The Throat Chakra is located in the throat, near the thyroid gland, which is the associated endocrine gland. It is the chakra of communication, creativity and higher will. Its colour is blue.

The Brow Chakra is located in the center of the forehead, and is also known as "the third eye". Its associated endocrine gland is the pituitary. This chakra governs spiritual direction and wisdom. It is the seat of dreams and inner vision, with the capacity of looking to the past, present and future. Its colour is indigo.

The Crown Chakra is located at the crown of the head. Its associated endocrine gland is the pineal gland. It balances the inner and outer person, and is the connection of the higher self. It is the channel through which we receive divine guidance, purpose and wisdom. Its colour is violet.

In Panic healing, prana serves as a catalyst to accelerate the rate of biochemical reactions involved in the natural process of healing, when panic energy is applied to the affected part of the body, the rate of recovery or healing increases tremendously. For acute illnesses there can often be very rapid and dramatic positive results in the physical body. But there can also be a slight lag time before the healing manifests, which depends on the complexity and severity of the health problem. This lag time is often seen in chronic, long-term problems. In those situations, it is recommended that the person receives a one-hour Prana therapy session on a weekly basis, until the initial problem or symptoms are relieved. For complete healing, the session may then be continued every other week.

By Corinna C.Ferrandino M.D.
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Corinna C.Ferrandino M.D.

Author: M.D.

Biography: Corinna C. Ferrandino is a medical doctor with training in General Surgery, Hand Surgery and Burns. Coming from an Italian background, she has lived in different parts of the world. She earned her medical degree at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

She believes in combining Eastern and Western Medicine. Since Medical School, she has always searched for a deeper cause and understanding of illness: she was seeking to understand the human being as whole the connection of body, mind, emotions and spirit. She started to understand that the imbalance of that wholeness was the disease indeed it was "dis-ease" a disharmony of the soul.

Her search for the "truth" and her empathy, compassion and enthusiasm to go beyond has brought her into the field of Holistic Medicine. She has tried many specialties herself, including Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractice, Chinese Herbs, Aromatherapy, Rolfing, Regression Therapy as developed by Dr. Brian Weiss, and different forms of Energy healing.

It was Energy healing that had grabbed her attention the most and she therefore became certified in Reconnective Healing taught by Dr. Eric Pearl and later she learned Prana Therapy, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and became an Associate Pranic Healer.

She lives in New York and offers Prana Therapy, Reconnective Healing and Metaphysical Counselling to those seeking help in that direction.

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What is Prana Therapy?

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