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What is an Online Pharmacy?

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As anyone who has ever subscribed to web-based e-mail will tell you, the sale of medicine over the internet is not a new, or terribly welcome thing as most days, people will find offers of 'cheap remedies', cluttering up their inbox. What may come as a surprise to most people is that since 1999 companies have provided an official online pharmacy service that falls under the auspices of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

Online pharmacies are much like any major online retailer, with large catalogues displayed prominently on their websites and relying on credit card orders for most of their business. (although, due to the many types of people who use their services, telephone and postal orders are quite prominent too). Like other online retailers, they use up-to-date encryption techniques, certified by groups , to guarantee the security of their customer's payment details.

Online pharmacies, by necessity, use the postal system to dispatch their goods. This means that someone living in a remote part of the Scottish highlands will have as equal access to their services as someone living in central London. A great advantage to anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to leave the house. There are even provisions for next day delivery, a necessity for someone in need of an urgent prescription.

That leads us neatly onto their prescriptions services. As previously mentioned, some unreputable companies do sell prescription medicines over the internet, often without the required prescription. Online pharmacies, like any registered pharmacy in the UK, require a prescription before any prescription medicine can be dispensed. All pharmacy sales and prescriptions are checked when dispensed and re-checked before dispatch by qualified pharmacists. All you need to do if you want a prescription dispensed is send your prescription, along with payment details, and your order will be dispatched.

Reputable online pharmacies have shown themselves to be an effective way of providing pharmacy services to those unable to access them in the traditional manner, whilst also providing a great range of products. Online pharmacies also benefit from the privacy of the internet and allow people to discuss personal problems with a pharmacist via e-mail or over the telephone. In addition to this, a comprehensive health guide can be provided that allows customers to better understand their condition and how to treat it, without the pressure to buy. Reputable online pharmacies represent a way of ensuring many people have access to pharmacy services, without them even having to leave their house.

By James Duggan
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What is an Online Pharmacy?

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