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Why Detox
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Every day we jump in the shower, clean our teeth or wash our hair, yet no amount of external cleansing will help clear the toxic overload which our bodies and minds are suffering from. Indeed, we have become so concerned with outward appearance that we are missing the fundamentals and the very essence of what it means to look and feel good. This begins on the inside where we are suffering from an accumulation of toxins, which are causing any number of debilitating conditions.

"A toxic bowel means that we are unable to absorb vitamins and minerals optimally. Indeed, a dirty bowel is unable to function properly, and as a consequence we are suffering ill health", says Hermann Keppler, Naturopath and Principal at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

"Detoxification or intestinal cleansing programs are central to the naturopathic approach to wellness and are just what is needed to repair the damage and bring us back to health. What's more, if we clear the body of toxins, temptations and cravings will become less prominent and less frequent and as a result, we will have more control over our health", says Hermann.

Our bodies come with a highly sophisticated waste disposal system, which naturally purges toxins, metabolic waste, bi-products of digestion and other debris. We all have a specific level of tolerance to toxins where the body can rid itself of anything harmful. However, we lead over-stimulated, but sedentary lifestyles, we have poor diets consuming too much alcohol and caffeine and we take little exercise. We also live in a highly toxic environment. Airborne pollutants such as tobacco smoke damages our lungs and reports suggest we are exposed to up to 300 volatile organic compounds in our homes alone. In short, our systems are overwhelmed and the body's natural defense mechanism is beginning to malfunction and symptoms of toxic overload such as fatigue, confusion and aggression are occurring in many of us. More serious health complaints such as intestinal ulcers can also occur. So, if we are to tackle toxic burdens before they manifest themselves in illness, we will take the strain off our immune systems and feel much healthier in the process.

Detox Foods

Many people associate detoxing with negative images of bland, uninteresting and unfulfilling foods. Yet, quite the opposite is true. Detox foods can provide the opportunity we need to use our imagination and experiment a little. It's important to eat natural, organic and unadulterated food (which tastes better anyway) wherever possible. This in turn, will help to eliminate chemicals such as GMO's, pesticides, preservatives, stablisers, artificial colours and flavourings.

By Sarah Merson
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Biography: The College of Naturopathic Medicine offers part-time and full-time diploma courses in Naturopathy and Naturopathic Nutrition, and hosts colleges all over the UK and Ireland.

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