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Why Mom Was Right about Breast Augmentation
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A woman feels confident, mature and fullness in her body when her breast is complete in every sense as in shape, size, colour, skin texture, or any other required. She feels so much positive about herself and her persona. However, few women cannot afford the same as we are born with natural traits that we cannot alter as we wish. However, there is no defect in small breasts as they can also produce milk normally. Nowadays, women with small size breasts are opting surgeries for augmenting their look.

What is Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Cosmetic surgeries are now a fashion and the most trending development in order to enhance beauty as needed as per procedures. Similarly, the breast augmentation procedure is one of the most demanding and drifting technique that surgeons and experts use to enhance the beauty of breasts. Therefore, breast augmentation procedure is most preferable in women who have small breasts in order to restore their fullness to increase the size and shape of breasts.

Therefore, what this “breast augmentation procedure” involves is the main concern for people who are going for the first time. This well-known cosmetic surgery procedure involves silicone placement or saline breast implants for making breast shape and size appealing. An expert or a well-trained medical professional in the same domain augments the natural proportions for creating aesthetically appealing and symmetrical breast profile of the patients to meet the individual woman’s requests.

Reasons for Breast Augmentation Procedure:

The breast size increase is one of the most common reasons for breast augmentation procedure other than going for correcting asymmetrical breasts. Breast implants, in addition, aid in correcting the tuberous breast impairments. Goals for increasing the breast size and shape regularity involve the reconstruction for the loss of fullness of breast after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This will not only give their body a curvy shape but aids in feeling more confident and enhanced femininity.

Ways to do Breast augmentation procedure:

There are certain ways an expert performs this procedure and he/she discuss with you to suggest the better choice as per your needs and suitability. Therefore, you need to find a well-certified expert who ensures you about every pros and con and the complete procedure. Earlier there were not many options, but with scientific development, you have many options now to tailor your shape.

Breast Augmentation Procedure is generally performed by placing implants, which are made of either silicone or sterile salt water, under the chest muscles or behind the breast tissue. Hence, the different ways to place such implants are:

  • Inflammatory
  • Peri-areolar
  • Trans-axillary
  • Transumbilical

Hence, depending upon your body type, skin, and other body factors, you are suggested with the most suitable option.

There are some common concerns of patients undergoing Breast Augmentation Procedure such as:

  • First thing first, the pain during and after the procedure: You may feel pain and discomfort that will subside with the recovery as you may feel sore and tired.
  • How the breasts will look like as they are going this for their appearance: Depending on the size, shape and your body, the surgeon will perform the procedure to give you the best suitable results.
  • Any future risk of implants: For this, you have to visit the physician for regular monitoring so that if there is any kind of imperfection occurs can be corrected sooner.
  • Future mammograms: It is safe to go for mammograms after breast implant surgery for regular monitoring as suggested by your physician.
  • Pros and cons: Your surgeon clarifies you with the procedure and your body.
  • Any kind of patient history after the procedure: You can search for the concerned surgeon and the hospital or clinic.
  • Hospital stay, recovery time, and the results: There is generally no stay required as you can go home the same day of the procedure and take rest so that you can recover soon that generally takes 2-3 days.
  • Any visible scar and post-operative care: You should avoid vigorous tasks and activities for 2- 3weeks. Scars will be hidden under your breast creases, which are generally of smaller size and will disappear over a period.

Your concerned expert should answer all these questions and he/she will suggest the best procedure. Enjoy your improved persona and confidence without feeling incomplete.

By Dr Ajaya Kashyap M.D, FACS
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is a board certified Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon in India. Dr. Kashyap well versed with the latest and most modern techniques in Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery he is one of the best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi India.

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Why Mom Was Right about Breast Augmentation?

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