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Why There Is Always a Need of an Optometrist in Ophthalmology
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The medical industry is one of those industries which is very vast and has many kinds of professions like orthopedics, cardiology, pediatric, ophthalmology etc. Every such filed of medical industry involves many kinds of degrees of professionals working in the health sector as you see in ophthalmology there is a consultant, surgeon, and an optometrist.

A consultant is someone who does the job of consultation for the problems regarding eyes and eyesight, a surgeon is someone who conducts a surgery of an eye and an optometrist is someone who is the very first person who diagnoses a patient dealing with any kind of eye problem. When a patient visits an eye hospital or clinic regarding an issue with his eyes which can be his vision or any sort of problem in his eyes the very first person who listens his problem is the optometrist. An optometrist is the same guy who checks a man’s vision and prescribes the glasses to him to correct his vision. The optometrist provides the primary health care in terms of your eyes and visual system.

What is the Main Job of an Optometrist?

The main job of an optometrist is to run a series of tests on a human’s eye mainly his vision. An optometrist is the one who is authorized to prescribe a patient vision correcting glasses when he finds out that a person has weak vision or sight. When you ever feel that the vision or sight of your eyes have become weak then it is the optometrist that you need to visit who can tell whether you have a weak eyesight or not, he will run a few types of tests on your eyes to check your vision and if he finds that you really have a bad sight then he will check that a lens of how much focal length should be prescribed to you to correct the sight or vision of your eyes.

An optometrist is the one is specialized in this task and they have been taught this in the course of studies for becoming an optometrist. They are licensed to provide treatment by detecting and diagnosing diseases related to your eyes and visual system. An optometrist is a person who assists a senior ophthalmologist in conducting surgery or in consulting a patient. Except for surgery, they used to perform all the works in hospitals, clinics, teaching institutions, the ophthalmic industry, etc. Along with these, the mainly contribute their services in clinical practice and public health centers like undertaking community care of “glaucoma”, AMD, diabetic eye disease monitoring, etc.

What Are Different Types of Courses To Be An Optometrist

When you really want to pursue education for becoming an optometrist then there are many types of courses for the optometrist which you can pursue. Either you can pursue a diploma course of 2 years which is available in most of the colleges of medical science or there is also a degree course for the same of 3 years which is more beneficial when you apply in an eye hospital because as you know a degree is more considered than a diploma course. Before being considered to have the knowledge and skills, you must participate in the clinical training in practice for a period of time. Moreover, since many optometrists operate their own practices, therefore it is very much important for them to master themselves in business, accounting, and managerial skills also.

An optometrist who belongs to the medical field of ophthalmology which is a part of health sector and as you know medical science is one of the key elements of health sector all around the world and there is always a need of an optometrist because in today’s digital age where devices have a big impact on humans makes a human’s eye lose its proper vision very soon.

By Alyssa Moylan
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Biography: Alyssa Moylan is an ordinary woman from Australia a writer by profession. She writes on various topics like lifestyle health and wellness.

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