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The British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy was formed in January 1987 to bring together a group of Therapists who were practising a unique system of allergy diagnosis and treatment which had proved to be extremely successful for many years. Its members are qualified health professionals - both mainstream and complementary - with a keen interest in allergic conditions and their causes. The diagnostic method is simple and without discomfort. The treatment method is by way of homeopathic desensitisation. Diagnosis and treatment are painless, without the side effects usually associated with conventional medicine, and suitable for infants and children as well as adults.  We also offer 'Distance Learning' Courses 12-18 months, please contact us for more information.


Muscle testing was chosen after evaluation of all other available techniques as the most suitable of all methods of detecting allergy for a number of reasons. It is completely safe to use, the results are immediate and the patient becomes involved right from the start. It is painless and can be used to test the elderly, arthritics, small children and babies.


Whilst it is appreciated that there are many forms of allergy testing available, few therapists are able to offer treatment other than total avoidance of the suspected allergen. This is not difficult if the offending substance happens to be pheasant, lobster or yams for example, but can the patient be absolutely certain of avoiding preservatives, additives, food colourings, wheat, soya, eggs etc? And it is not a very practical solution if the offending allergen happens to be pollen, car exhaust fumes, house dust mites or formaldehyde. Few patients are sufficiently knowledgeable about nutrition to be able to exclude, for example, wheat and all dairy products from a child's diet and replace them with foods that will provide all the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements a growing child needs. As one Doctor so rightly put it recently "I have never seen so many cases of malnutrition as a result of dieting to relieve an allergy problem!"

Desensitisation whenever possible would seem to be preferable.


The remedies that are used in the treatment method are prepared by homeopathic pharmaceutical techniques and can be used safely and effectively by both therapist and patient. They are totally unrelated and dissimilar to the desensitisation injections which are usually given for hayfever in hospital clinics. The treatment is given by mouth and is free from side effects, involves no restrictive diets and is very acceptable to patients.

"We consider the patient's welfare to be of prime importance and for this reason in general we will only supply desensitizing remedies via therapists who have received instruction in their use and who undertake to provide the necessary support to their patients throughout the treatment."

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