Magnetico Sleep Pads
Hundreds of high grade magnets

Hundreds of
high grade
Pads fit under your mattress

Pads fit under
your mattress
Available for any bed size

Available for
any bed size
Before: blood cells clump together

Before: blood
cells clump
After 20 min. on a Magnetico pad

After 20 min.
on a Magnetico
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Magnetico Sleep Pads

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Magnetico offers the only patented magnetic mattress on the market. Developed by magnetic therapy expert Dr. Dean Bonlie, our sleep pads are backed by years of documented, scientific research and thousands of satisfied customers. Imitation sleep pads that use fewer, weaker magnets will not generate the correct magnetic field your body needs to effectively restore energy, and help heal and relieve pain.

Magnetico Sleep Pads feature:

  • high-grade, permanent ceramic alloy magnets
  • hundreds of magnets scientifically designed to deliver a pure negative field (like the earth's) so your body benefits
  • the most comfortable design because they fit between your box spring and mattress
  • three strengths to fit all bed sizes

How does magnetic therapy work?

For centuries, people have experienced the healing properties of magnets. All living cells are electromagnetic by nature. Research has shown that the molecular reactions in your body are more efficient when exposed to an increased steady-state, pure magnetic field. Because the body repairs and re-energizes itself during sleep, exposure to a supplemental magnetic field while you sleep encourages healthy cell division and chemical reactions in your body. This includes increased oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells, which helps to combat fatigue and lessens the workload on the heart.

Enjoy the benefits of magnetism yourself with a Magnetico Sleep Pad.

Many people leading active lives have invested in our Sleep Pads to:

  • proactively promote health and wellness
  • sleep better
  • enhance their energy level and reduce stress
  • support detoxification efforts
  • improve their athletic performance
  • aid in the healing of overworked or injured muscles and ligaments, and broken bones
  • relieve growing pains and assist the immune system development in children
  • lessen the effects of aging

Thousands of people have also experienced relief from a variety of ailments, leading to an improved quality of life. Our sleep pads are recommended worldwide by many doctors and health care workers.

Infants and pets can also benefit from the nurturing power of our pads!

Magnetico's satisfaction guarantee gives you the reassurance that we stand behind our product with confidence. If you do not experience noticeable health benefits within six months of using our Sleep Pad, you can return it!

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