Pure Montmorency Cherry Capsules - 60 550mg

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Silvertown Health Cherry Boost Capsules are 100% pure Montmorency cherries, produced in the UK with the highest grade Montmorency cherries ingredient under strict GMP guidelines and license.

The Montmorency cherry is now taking the UK health industry by storm due its researched health packed benefits. A growing number of studies have suggested that the montmorency cherry offers a full spectrum of health giving benefits. 

Suggested benefits of the montmorency cherry include - 

* Potent antioxidant and a rich source of anthocyanins antioxidants. The antioxidant levels of the montmorency cherry are one of the highest food types known to man. Antioxidants are important in fighting free radicals that damage DNA, speed up ageing and weaken the immune system. 

* Anti inflammatory effect. Now popular with people who work out or play sports due to the suggested benefits that this cherry speeds up muscle and joint soreness and inflammation recovery time. For this reason it may be an ideal supplement for general muscle and joint wellbeing. Sports people take the montmorency cherry to speed up recovery times. 

* Helps assist healthy uric acid levels. Uric acid levels are produced by our body and is often dependent on food types we eat. High Uric acid levels in the blood stream can cause ill health including gout and kidney stones. 

*Assists healthy sleep patterns. Sleep is crucial for health and the montmorency cherry provides naturally occurring melatonin. Healthy melatonin levels are important for a healthy sleep cycle. 

* Assist healthy cardiovascular health due to the high level of six potent antioxidant flavonoid's which support a healthy heart. 

* Stronger immune system defence due to increased and potent antioxidant support. 

* UK produced using the highest grade to capture all the potent nutrients

cherry capsule

* 100% pure cherry capsules

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      Pure Montmorency Cherry Capsules - 60 550mg
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