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RosemaryDe Faria, JP - Recommended By: Distinct Therapeutics, Inc.
Awesome therapist!!! Extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. I am grateful to her for helping me through some significant life changes. She has been a blessing as a therapist. I have tried many therapists and she has been the best!
735 NE 72 Street Phone: 954-966-3446 Email: distincttherapy@bellsouth.net Web: www.distincttherapy.com
LUBNA LATIF, at One Holistic Therapy - Recommended By: ABa
We have been receiving massages from At One Holistic Therapy for over a year. We always look forward to our sessions, it takes the stress out of the day and is a great way of saying "Thank you" to our staff for a job well done.
34 LIME RD Phone: 01618656488 Email: enquiries@atoneholistictherapy.co.uk Web: www.atoneholistictherapy.co.uk
LUBNA LATIF, SUMO MAGNETIC - Recommended By: Barbara Murdoc
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful King size Cotton Underlay that you sent me. I am 42 years old and had been suffering with poor circulation, waking up with dead legs and an aching back. I am very fit and exercise on a regular basis but I was having trouble sleeping with the pain, and the quality of sleep was poor. After one night with the magnetic underlay the pain really did vanish. This has not been psychological, I could actually feel the circulation improve, the pain has completely gone, leaving a deeper more relaxed sleep. I really would encourage anyone to buy this product it does work, and I feel it is the amount and quality of the magnets that contribute to a fantasic product that I only wish I had brought earlier. Thanks again, Barbara Murdoc
34 LIME ROAD MANCHESTER M32 8HT Phone: 01618656488 Email: enquiries@atoneholistictherapy.co.uk Web: www.sumomagnetic.co.uk
David Elliott, MDA Footcare - Recommended By: MDA Footcare
He was very kind and very helpful
Burton on Trent Staffs Phone: 07971016866 Email: david@whoknowstoes.co.uk
kei ngu, shivago thai school - Recommended By: manuel
the courses are very practical and the teacher is very good thanks manuel
25 blackfriars st edinburgh eh1 1nb Phone: 07878256174 Email: shivago.school.uk@gmail.com Web: www.shivagothaiclinic.com
Soul Retrieval, Kenn Day, Post Tribal Shaman - Recommended By: Kenn Day, Post Tribal Shaman
Kenn Day is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topic of shamanism. His book, "Dance of Stones", introduces the reader to shamanic states of consciousness. His private practice includes shamanic counseling, soul retrieval and medical Qigong.
3836 Reading Road Cincinnati, OH 45229 Phone: (513) 481-3080 Email: sgrtagr@gmail.com Web: www.shamanstouch.com
Britebox LED-840, Goldstaff Ltd - Recommended By: G Joseph
I have been trying a new anti ageing/skin rejuvenating development. It is called the Britebox LED-840 Skin Rejuvenation, home light therapy treatment unit. It was recommended to me by a friend who has had fantastic results from using this. My skin looks and feels better already. This is definitely worth every penny.
Hexgreave Hall Hexgreave Nottingham NG22 8LS Phone: 01623 884304 Email: mark@goldstaff.net
Britebox LED-800 Skin Rejuvenation, Goldstaff Ltd - Recommended By: G Joseph
This is a breakthrough in Skin rejuvenation, I was amazed with the results. Lines around my eyes reduced and blemishes faded. My skin feels smoother and younger. It is a pain free treatment which is used in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Goldstaff Ltd Hexgreave Hall Hexgreave Nottingham NG22 8LS Phone: 01623884304 Email: gina@goldstaff.net
kei ngu, shivago thai clinic - Recommended By: carlos
i had the thai cupping it was very good and my shoulder pain was much better next day
25 blacfriars street Phone: 07878256174 Web: www.shivagothaiclinic.com
BAST, British Academy of Sound Therapy - Recommended By: Rachel
I attended the Diploma of Sound Therapy to train as a practitioner. The tutors are professional and supportive. The course is rigorous and encourages constant self-reflective practise. I would highly recommend this school for anyone wishing to train in the various sound therapy options available
Soundworks & BAST PO Box 1111, Chichester, PO19 9HP. Phone: 01243 544454 Email: mail@healthysound.com Web: www.sacredsound.net/
Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, Charis NLP - Recommended By: Bob Stewart
Fantastic course, really enjoyed it. Excellent, knowledgable trainer
10 Main Street Bothwell G71 8RF Phone: 01698 854805 Email: info@charisnlp.co.uk Web: www.charisnlp.co.uk
Terri Charles, EFTWorkshops4U - Recommended By: Mary Green
I can highly reccommend this course for eft Training. I completed the Level 1 and Level 2. Very friendly, knowledgible and interative, I really felt empowered and ready to use this new method. Many Thanks Mary Green ( Reading )
The Wellbeing Centre Newbury Berks Email: eftworkshops4u@hotmail.com Web: www.eftworkshops4u.co.uk
kei, shivago thai clinic - Recommended By: hoeyyn
his very good just like in thailand
25 blacfriars st edinburgh Phone: 07878256174 Email: info@shivagothaiclinic.com Web: www.shivagothaiclinic.com
NLP Practitioner Training, Charis NLP - Recommended By: Hannah
Fantastic training, well thought out, good delivery, lots of practical experience and great back up afterwards.
Bothwell Clinic 10 Main Street Bothwell, Glasgow G71 8RF Phone: 01698 854805 Email: info@charisnlp.co.uk Web: www.charisnlp.co.uk
Christina Moore, Reiki - The Complete Picture - Recommended By: Ambs
Totally life changing and beautiful. I dont know what I was expecting,but when I arrived it was like a long drink from a cool stream, it felt like my soul had come home. Im on my journey and Christina is an amazing inspiration along the way.
35 Ewart Street Brighton East Sussex BN2 9UP Phone: 01273 272774 Email: christina@reikihealing.org.uk Web: www.reikihealing.org.uk
Byran Weiss, Weiss Psychiatrist - Recommended By: Nikki
great therapy treatments
New Delhi India Email: frankydel20@yahoo.com
Ion Balance, TIK Enterprises - Recommended By: Paul Coffee
I have been going to the Wholistic Kinesiology clinic in Albuquerque and one of the practitioners there suggested I try an ionic foot detox. I really feel it gave a huge boost to my cleansing and I feel great when I am using it. This company hooked my up with a great deal on a quality machine.
8211 Cutler Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 Phone: 505-999-1965 Email: sales@ionicfootdetox.com Web: www.ionicfootdetox.com
Andropause and Big Waistline - Recommended By: Vera Smisth
Academy of Potential Education - Recommended By: Edward Carr
This is a great course, for a new way to work and live.
Web: www.potentialeducation.org
Indian head massage diploma course, Gateway Workshops - Recommended By: Debbie Kelly
Without doubt the most helpful of all the companies I contacted which is exactly the reason why I chose Gateway Workshops. They were a great help prior to my arriving in the UK and went out of their way to accomodate my request for an Indian head massage diploma course I attended the 1 day diploma course on the 8th Dec 2007 with tutor Marc Innes i was extremely impressed from the start of the day to the finish! He was professional, helpful and very attentive throughout the day. The atmostphere was informal, friendly and fun I cant wait to get on with the next diploma!
Phone: 02088520742 Email: sue@gatewayworkshops.co.uk Web: www.gatewayworkshops.com
Indian Head Massage, Gateway Workshops - Recommended By: Jayne Lacy
I had a very enjoyable day. the tutor claire McCarthy was excellent, very professional and also made everyone feel at ease. I will certainly book on further courses run by claire Gateway are professional, pricing was reasonable and being able to complete the course in one day was a big factor.
Phone: 02088520742 Email: sue@gatewayworkshops.co.uk Web: www.gatewayworkshops.com
Indian Head Massage , Gateway Workshops - Recommended By: Helen Mitchell
I attended the Indian Head Massage with Maxine Fone. The Course was brilliant, easy to understand and tutor was excellent. Very easy to talk to and answered all questions extensively. She was very patient with one student who needed more guidance than the rest. Would definitely do another course with Maxine. It will only hold a small group which makes learning easier for both the student and the tutor. Lots of information, small groups aided learning, very friendly tutors. I teach in a college and have to deal with groups of up to 30 which makes it difficult trying to get around to everyone. Gateway workshops were very helpful, user friendly web site, immediate response to bookings. Course excellent. Well done, keep up the good work.
Phone: 020 8852 0742 Email: sue@gatewayworkshops.co.uk Web: www.gatewayworkshops.com
Hot stone massage course, Gateway Workshops - Recommended By: Doreen Hughes
I attended the Hot stone massage course with Gateway. The course was well organised, content was spot on. Would recommend this course and gateway to other therapists. My tutor was Helen Kenyon who was fantastic, far superior to any of the colledge tutors.
Phone: 02088520742 Email: sue@gatewayworkshops.co.uk Web: www.gatewayworkshops.com
ITEC Full body massage course, Gateway Workshops - Recommended By: Alexandra James
As one who has recently received various therapies including massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture, I realise how extremely fortunate I was to have taken my Diploma in Holistic Massage ITEC and BTEC booked through Gateway Workshops! My tutors were thorough, encouraging, supportive and patient. The Theory classes were varied and interesting. The Practical session were always taught by two Tutors so we received constant instruction and feedback. I learned so much about the beauty of given and receiving massage. It was a fantastic experience.
Phone: 02088520742 Email: sue@gatewayworkshops.co.uk Web: www.gatewayworkshops.com
Natural Lift Facial Massage Diploma Course, Gateway Workshops - Recommended By: Annie
I enjoyed it very much, the location and facilities were wonderful and Helen the tutor was informative and very warm which is a lovely combination. I have just carried out my first treatment on my good friend and she loved it and believes that I will have a queue outside my door for it (I do hope so). I must say also that I had noticed a deep wrinkle appear on my face recently about an inch from my mouth and thought that it was down hill from now but today after two treatments yesterday it has almost disappeared so I can honestly say I LOVE IT! A lovely course and I will now look at the list to see which one to book next.
Phone: 02088520742 Email: sue@gatewayworkshops.co.uk Web: www.gatewayworkshops.com
Manual Lymphatic Drainage in the Clapham South, Gateway Workshops - Recommended By: Sally Olof
I did the Manual Lymphatic Drainage in the Clapham. The course was well structured and clearly taught. We covered a big topic in a short amount of time because the tutor went through the syllabus methodically, making sure that we understood each section. Marc is a very gentle competant teacher and you absorb the topic as a result of his easy manner. I am putting my knowledge to use straight away and the fact that my clients are very positive proves that he taught me to a high level. I thought it surpassed my expectations although that could have been down to Marcs teaching skill. There were only 5 people on the course I have just attended so we had personal tuition. Have used the technique straight away on 4 clients, within the first week of my learning it. All have rebooked and benfitted from the treatment.
Phone: 020 8852 0742 Email: sue@gatewayworkshops.co.uk Web: www.gatewayworkshops.com
Thai foot massage course, Gateway Workshops - Recommended By: Caitriona Ford
Thai Foot Massage, a true well being experience. Course material well set out and easy to follow. Small group so got lots of hands on practical Marc was an amazing tutor, he made me feel very relaxed and explained everything thoroug hly and was also very patient with my foot wrapping !! I really felt like I bonded with him on the day and his spiritual and charasmatic nature was truly inspirational. Marc really brought the course alive and injected a great element of fun to the day. Marc is truly a born teacher and I look forward to attending many more of his courses. Fabulous venue, calm and spiritual and easy to find. I have already booked Indian Head Massage. Exceeded my expectation. A truly amazing and inspirational experience
Phone: 02088520742 Email: sue@gatewayworkshops.co.uk Web: www.gatewayworkshops.com
Massage Table, Gateway Workshops Products - Recommended By: Pam
I have received my couch and it is excellent. Very good quality, nice and wide, steady and comfortable. I think it is very good value, especially as delivery and carrying bag were free. I would recommend the product and service and delivery to anyone. warm regards Pam
Phone: 02088520742 Email: sue@gatewayworkshops.co.uk Web: www.gatewayworkshopsproducts.co.uk
Wendy Edwards, Nuvitality - Recommended By: Juliet
Wendy was a really great help with my weight loss. We had a consultation, where she looked at my food diary for the past week and made recommendations on the vitamins I was missing out on. She also gave me some yummy and healthy recipes. The fact you can ring her anytime for help is very useful.
3 St. Swithins Close, Wickham, Newbury, Berkshire, UK, RG20 8HJ Phone: 01488 657566 Email: wendy@nuvitality.co.uk
Golden Root Super Complex, Earthrise Foods - Recommended By: Steve
Wonderful product, works like magic. Got me going again in no time!
Email: sales@earthrise-foods.co.uk
Pycnogenol Pine Bark Extract, Earthrise Foods - Recommended By: Steve
They sell Pycnogenol cheaper than I have seen it anywhere. Having tried it, the quality os superb
Email: sales@earthrise-foods.co.uk Web: www.earthrise-foods.co.uk
Orgqnic Cacao Nibs, Earthrise Foods - Recommended By: Mike
Just found this site, they are selling Organic Caco Nibs and Goji Berries at a good price, plus you get 100% extra free!
Email: sales@earthrise-foods.co.uk Web: www.earthrise-foods.co.uk
Detox Bath ebook, Dreamteam publishing - Recommended By: Ellbe communications
A must have for those interested in Natural cures, hydrotherapy and timeless healing methods
Email: info@pureinsideout.com Web: www.pureinsideout.com/detox-bath.html
IBS Audio Program 100, Healthy Audio Ltd. - Recommended By: Marilyn
I visited the IBS testimonial pages and they spoke volumes about the benefits of the IBS Audio Program 100. With as much positive feedback from so many IBS patients who suffer posted in many locations on the internet, it would be just as easy to find bad reviews - but the fact is, the vast majority of people who use this program are helped. I highly recommend it.
Phone: (0) 44 1925 629 Email: info@healthyaudio.com Web: www.healthyaudio.com

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