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This breast cancer care CD is not an alternative but rather a complementary treatment option widely acknowledged as a useful avenue of treatment and information after breast cancer.

It is an inspirational CD recording and mp3 download which is currently being used or recommended in over 100 English NHS hospitals, in workshops, with programme information given in oncology department discharge packs.

Emotional recovery is an important part of breast cancer care, this unique self-help audio programme for breast cancer goes some way to providing that self care help.

CD track one provides information about reducing the emotional impact of the disease and easily explains the mind body connection.

The following three interlinked sessions help build confidence, self esteem, reduce anxiety, aid restful sleep and more. With an accompanying listening schedule this recording has already touched the lives of many. As mentioned in UK edition Amoena magazine Spring 2006. Uses relaxation and creative imagery.

An easily available resource for the respite, comfort, restoration and renewal of calm and well being for mind and spirit of those who are emotionally and physically recovering from breast cancer. Embraced by over 100 UK NHS hospitals this unique audio program contains 4 interlinking tracks and listening schedule. A must for those making this journey.

As a breast cancer survivor, you know you have come through a long and arduous journey. You coped, you may have cried, you worried, you may have even become emotionally paralysed with fear. But you survived the breast cancer treatment. Perhaps you are still taking that journey, and for others, the main recovery process and the support meetings are over. Perhaps you know you need more support, but just cannot bring yourself to yet another meeting, or your life situation will not allow it.

After all, you are supposed to be "fine" now. But you may not be.

You have gone through the long, difficult, physical trauma that is associated with breast cancer. When physical healing has been completed, even after some considerable time, as a breast cancer survivor, you may often feel drained and your ability to cope emotionally becomes strained when all the support systems provided during treatment are then withdrawn.

You are expected to recover quickly once you are healed physically, but the emotional trauma to your life is something you may still be dealing with long after your treatment is over.

Some family members, friends and co-workers who were there for you during the "worst of it" now expect you to get back into life. Some may even want you to act as if nothing happened or perhaps as if it weren't as bad as it was, but you still feel like you are not over it. Now that the "urgency" of the disease has left, and you have spent all your inner resources to carry on, you find yourself depleted and exhausted - almost like a delayed reaction - and it still hurts. Deeply. You are still healing emotionally and you still need support.

An Aid To Emotional Recovery After Breast Cancer© is an innovative in-home-use therapy program that provides emotional support and serves to fill that gap in the support system in the final stages of emotional healing and recovery and beyond.

Authored and recorded by clinical hypnotherapist Michael Mahoney of Cheshire England, with the assistance, strength and bravery of breast cancer patients, this innovative CD program is the result of 5 years in clinical research and piloting.

An Aid To Emotional Recovery After Breast Cancer© is a CD with a difference; Different because it was developed, recorded and piloted specifically for sufferers of breast cancer ~ women and men.

This audio CD recording is designed to help the individual emotionally during and following recovery. It is so often mentioned by recovering breast cancer patients that "people now just seem to think I am alright again". Few people who have not gone through an emotional and physical trauma can understand the impact such occurrences have on the emotions of the individual. This audio CD goes some way in helping in the all-important emotional healing which is needed before true recovery is felt and achieved.

As the title suggests, the CD is an aid to emotional recovery. It is not an alternative to breast cancer treatment. The connection between mind and body is well known in medical circles, a positive mindset is acknowledged to aid both emotional and physical recovery.

The program has been reviewed and accepted as a suitable aid for breast cancer recovery in Hospitals throughout the UK. Each hospital breast cancer team consisting of numerous physicians, oncologist nurses and specialists reviewed the CD before it was even considered to be recommended to patients. Now this program is not only available to patients via these hospitals, but to breast cancer survivors through this website as well.

It is our hope that this CD is a start to providing additional resources in the area of emotional healing and support to those women who may not otherwise have had access to support of this kind previously.

We also hope that the list of hospitals, outlets and resources for the CD will continue to grow making it even more accessible.

*In July 2005 Michael won the Innovation and Research Award 2005 for his work and development of An Aid to Emotional Recovery after Breast Cancer© program at the prestigious Warrington Business Awards.


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