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High Barn Oils, the home of English linseed. Grown and pressed on the family farm in Sussex to bring you the freshest, healthiest, purest Omega 3 culinary food oil, GMO free and vegetarian.  Omega Three, Its Life. What's it all about? Well, 25% of every cell membrane in your body is made from it. Linseed (Flax) oil has it in abundance, an essential fatty acid, the body needs it. It must be got from the diet. Unfortunately there are few foods that contain it, oily fish is one and cattle use to make it in the meat and milk but not any more. I grow Linseed in Sussex for the life giving oil, it is such an important food that it needs to be part of every meal, mix it in your food or take it in capsules. You need to put the right food in your chemical factory - your body, doesn't that make sense? The same applies to your animals, so Visit our website to learn more about our products for you and your animals and to order.  

Omega 3 is important from the beginning even before we are born, from infancy to the teenage years; studies have show that Omega 3 eaten as part of a balanced diet, can have a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of allergies, behavioral problems and learning difficulties.

As adults there is overwhelming evidence that increase levels of Omega 3 in the body help guard against life threatening disease, as they play a key role in regulating blood cholesterol, which is linked to diabetes and heart health, maintaining a healthy cardiovascular and digestive system.

In our golden years retirement is often blighted by aches and pains and brain fatigue! Omega 3 has been show to help keep the mind and body alert and supple.

Durwin Banks' family has been farming since 1740. In 1999 he established High Barn Oils on his own farm at Barns Green near Horsham, West Sussex, to produce linseed oil from home grown crops.

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" has always seemed to me, as a farmer, a pretty good mantra for a healthy life. Hippocrates was a wise old devil and he hit on something nearly 2,000 years ago that rings true even today.

Let's look at what's going on: the nation is falling into obesity, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, allergies and all kinds of mental health problems. These are largely due to a poor diet. Meanwhile, we are wasting an estimated 25% of food and eating 25% too much. The NHS is spending £3bn treating diabetes alone. This is all due to food and it does not take a rocket scientist to see that if the equivalent sum were used to encourage a better diet, we could reduce the risk and personal anguish.

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