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Ultimate Balance is the South East's premier natural health clinic, based in Berkshire. We offer colon hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation), as well as nutritional therapy, stool testing, health screening and food sensitivity (food intolerance) testing to help you drastically reduce the level of toxicity in your body, alleviate and in some cases completely eradicate related symptoms.

Colon hydrotherapy treatments is usually the start of your journey to detoxify your body. Colon hydrotherapy treatments, as well as nutritional therapy and investigative tools such as stool testing, health screening and food sensitivity (food intolerance) testing play a key role in building the bespoke detoxification programme to help you regain and sustain health.

Correctly administered colon hydrotherapy treatments such as we provide in our natural health clinic represent the most natural, relaxing, painless and effective way to allow your colon and indirectly your overall body to heal itself. Our experienced therapists are fully certified to ensure you receive the best possible colon hydrotherapy treatments.

In addition to colon hydrotherapy treatments, expert nutritional therapy willprovide you with a bespoke dietary programme to help you maintain your regained health. Finally, stool testing, health screening and food sensitivity (food intolerance) testing enable you to investigate the underlying health issues in terms of your digestive and overall health.

Colon toxicity is a modern problem caused by today's lifestyle, eating habits, stress and overuse of antibiotics. It can lead to conditions such as tiredness, acne, Candida, IBS, as well as constipation, indigestion and gas. Our approach combining colon hydrotherapy and natural supplements can alleviate these symptoms. The treatments are gentle and safe and carried out by qualified therapists using only top of the range equipment and disposables in relaxing surroundings.

Ultimate Balance is one of the few colon hydrotherapy centres in Berkshire and the only one of its kind in the UK. The clinic is ultimately welcoming and gives a sense of relaxation as you would otherwise only experience in some of the best health spas in the UK. Ultimate Balance caters for every patient from an initial consultation and treatment, through to one-off treatments as well as entire bespoke treatment programs designed for your individual needs, colon health and lifestyle. During your treatment and time with us you will be treated with utmost respect and consideration of your personal circumstances.

When you arrive at Ultimate Balance, you will be cheerfully greeted. Your therapist will talk through your medical questionnaire you will have completed prior to your first visit. As you would expect, there are no wrong answers for the intake questionnaire as its only purpose is to understand your health and lifestyle and any concerns you may have. Any information you provide in the intake questionnaire, or discuss during your treatment is and will remain strictly confidential. At this time your therapist will talk you through the colon hydrotherapy process and make sure you are completely comfortable to proceed.

We adhere to the I-ACT Code of Ethics and use only state-of-the-art, German DIN approved and US FDA registered equipment. Unlike old fashioned home made gravity fed machines our equipment constantly monitors the pressure within the patient's colon resulting in a safe, comfortable and relaxing experience.

Ultimate Balance only uses sterile disposable speculum and tubing that come in a germicidal pack. Our aim is to deliver the best colon hydrotherapy experience possible within a professional, private and discrete environment.

To really gain the full benefit you will need a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments rather than a single one. You may expel considerable gas during the first few treatments and it usually takes a few treatments before one starts dislodging old encrusted feculent matter. Please remember that it usually takes years for the colon to become clogged up with its own waste products. Therefore, you should be patient when pursuing a therapeutic course of colon hydrotherapy treatments.

Each colonic treatment takes 30 - 45 minutes. In your first visit, 15 minutes are allowed for explanation of the procedure, discussion of your completed medical questionnaire and changing into your treatment gown. At the close of your session, the movements of the colon muscles and the resulting releases may leave you feeling lighter and relaxed. If you have a big release of waste matter and your transit time is long, it may well be 2-3 days after your colon hydrotherapy treatment before your next bowel movement. A normal healthy transit time of food is less than 24 hours; on average in the UK it is now 60 hours for men and 70 hours for women. In fact the UK is the most constipated nation in the world. Sadly the UK has the highest incidence of bowel cancer in the world, with 20,000 new cases each year.

Professionally administered colon hydrotherapy is very safe; however, if you have any health concerns you should check with your GP first. It is best to ensure that your chosen clinic uses modern colon hydrotherapy equipment, disposable hoses and speculums and that your therapist is fully trained, certified and insured.

A single colon hydrotherapy treatment costs £75.00 and multi-pack discounts are available. An intensive 1.5 hour initial consultation for nutritional therapy costs £95.00 and a 30 minute follow-up session (usually in 4-5 weeks after the initial consultation) costs £35.00. Stool testing starts at £45.00, although most people tend to have at least the Basic Programme stool test at £95.00.

Put your health first – start your detox today!

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