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The natural aid to curbing your hunger and controlling your weight

Containing a patented blend of extracts from three South American plants: Yerba Maté, Guarana and Damiana.

Helps you to:

  • Eat less during meals
  • Snack less between meals
  • Lose weight and keep weight off
  • Be more active.

Feel full of life with Zotrim


Zotrim may be used to help you to control your food intake, to lose weight and/or to maintain your chosen weight.

We all know the answer to weight loss if to eat less and to consume less calories.  As a rough guide reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories every day will result in you losing 1lb (0.5kg) per week.

Consuming less calories over a long period of time sounds easy but in fact it's very difficult and that is why so many dieters fail to lose weight or fail to keep lost weight off.  As we reduce our calories from what we are used to, our body and brain tell us to eat more, we get more hungry and can become obsessed with food.

Zotrim helps to control our hunger so we feel full faster during a meal and for longer after a meal.  In this way Zotrim can help to reduce overall food intake from meals and snacks.

Additionally, the plant extracts used in the Zotrim blend are known to act as mild stimulants.  They can help us to be more active and to burn off additional calories.  Being more active and doing more exercise will also help your weight management and is good for your overall health.


Eating less:  A group of 58 young women took Zotrim or placebo tablets before a set breakfast and again before a buffet style lunch.  When taking Zotrim, on average they:

  • Reported being less hungry before lunch
  • Ate 132 less calories at lunch (an 18% reduction)
  • Stopped eating 3 minutes sooner indicating earlier ‘satiety' (feeling of fullness)
  • Ate 25% less high fat, sweet foods

(34th British Feeding & Drinking Group Meeting, 2010)

Losing weight:  In the key 45 day study with 47 overweight subjects, those taking the Zotrim blend lost, on average, 11lbs (5kg) versus those on placebo who lost, on average, just 1lb (0.5kg).

Maintaining weight:  In the 45 day study, 23 of the subjects who had lost weight with Zotrim were asked to continue to take it as they felt necessary.  This group maintained the same average weight for one year; they kept off the weight which they had initially lost.

(Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics, 14, 243-250, 2001)


Zotrim can be used in a number of different situations to control eating and to control weight:-

  • To lose weight (be it a little or a lot)
  • To prevent weight gain (especially if you have lost a lot and worry about regaining it)
  • To control your eating in periods of possible ‘overindulgence'

It can be used by helping you to eat less of your usual food and drink or it might be used with a chosen diet programme.

Directions for use:  Read the label on the container carefully before starting Zotrim.  Take two or three tablets with a glass of water or other cool drink a few minutes before meals.  We recommend you start with two tablets before meals in the first week and increase to three before meals from the second week onwards.  Do not exceed nine tablets daily.

How long to take Zotrim:  A healthy rate of weight loss is around one to two pounds per week.  If you are aiming to lose weight, we recommend you set yourself a target weight and continue to take Zotrim until you reach it.

When you reach your target weight you may continue to find Zotrim useful.  You could continue to take it regularly, you may choose to use it again if you put on a pound or two or you might use it to control your eating if you know you are likely to overeat on occasions.

There is no limit to how long you should use Zotrim to manage your weight.

Zotrim 10 Step Challenge:  sign up at http://www.zotrim.com/ for further tips and reminders for small lifestyle changes which could make a big difference.

http://www.zotrim.com/      Freephone 0800 1018011      info@naturesremedies.uk.com

Zotrim tablets are subject to European Patent No 1037644

Zotrim is a registered trademark


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