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What is the Alexander Technique?

TAKING THE PRESSURE OFF YOUR BODY "Stand up straight!" "Pull your shoulders back!" As children, we were told to have good posture. Yet we were seldom taught effective ways to accomplish this.

The Alexander Technique

We are all familiar with the idea that the way we use an instrument or tool affects the outcome of our efforts. The Alexander Technique is concerned with the way we use ourselves.

Looking at the Alexander Technique

The use of Alexander Technique 'Shelly is a mum and a busy nurse working on a cardio-thoracic ward. She's on her feet all day, always at red-alert for her patients.

Walter Carrington

Walter Carrington 1915-2005People imagine that their bodies are disobedient and unreliable in carrying out their wishes, whereas nothing could be further from the truth.

Is The Alexander Technique Effective In Relieving Back Pain?

Background to Alexander TechniqueAlexander Technique originated in Australia in the 1890's and later developed in England, where its founder, Frederick Matthais Alexander settled.

How to get rid of back pain

  It seems like everyone nowadays is complaining of a bad back. What used to be a condition associated with the elderly has become a common complaint among people of all ages.

Take an Exercise Ball to Work

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! If you want to and know how there still is the big question to answer; how do I find time to exercise? Life is full of To Do lists.

Is The Pressure Ramp Up Feature Essential For CPAP Machine?

Many of you might not be aware of the ramp-up feature and how it can help improve your ability to fall asleep. Read on to learn all about the special feature.

What is ?

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is a discipline that teaches an individual to tune into and develop an awareness of their body and its relationship to the environment.

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