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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a natural psychological process in which critical thinking faculties of the mind are bypassed and a type of selective thinking and perception is established.

Hypnotherapy is often applied in order to modify a subject's behavior, emotional content, and attitudes, as well as a wide range of conditions including dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress-related illness, pain management, and personal development.
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Articles Associated with Hypnotherapy

Distance Degrees in Hypnotherapy
DISTANCE DEGREES - HYPNOTHERAPY (for mature students -  non-UK university validated)BA, MA and Ph.D. in HYPNOTHERAPYDCH (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy)Post-Doctoral degrees in Analytical Hypnotherapy & Transpersonal HypnosisEnrol any time of year. Flexible syllabus.Accelerated entry possible to BA course with credit for existing qualifications/experience.As well as core and specialist
Accredited Distance Learning Hypnotherapy Course
Our "Professional Hypnotherapy Distance Learning course" is designed so maximum knowledge is passed onto home study students, who are then able to set up and enter into professional hypnotherapy practice upon completing and passing the written examination paper. On successfully passing the final written examination. Students will receive
Diploma in Mystical Hypnosis
UK College of Holistic Training - Diploma in Mystical HypnosisDistance Learning Course - suggested study time 3 to 6 months.A FREE textbook will be included for students from the UK. Students outside the UK will need to order the textbook from an online bookstore.Hypnosis is a consciousness-altering tool.
Diploma in Abnormal Psychology
Diploma in Abnormal Psychology (Distance Learning)Total period of study: approx. 6 to 9 months Cost: £250.00 (250 Pounds Sterling )(Textbooks extra - approx. cost of textbooks £60.00 or more depending on the extra topics selected)This course is a private qualification aimed at the helping professional in private practice,
Advanced Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypnoanalysis)
Advanced Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypnoanalysis)Revised syllabus - lower tuition feeThis is a distance learning course for experienced and qualified hypnotherapists who work with, or would like to study, in-depth techniques of hypnoanalysis and other related techniques.  A similar Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is available.Analytical hypnotherapy is
Certificate in Dissociative Disorders Awareness
UK College of Holistic Training - Certificate in Dissociative Disorders AwarenessDistance learning - Recommended period of study: approx. 3 months or less.A FREE textbook will be included for students from the UK. Students outside the UK will need to pay extra for the textbook and postage. Dissociative disorders can
Professional Diploma in Spirit Attachment and Invasive Energy Release Work
Professional Diploma in Spirit Attachment and Invasive Energy Release Work (Dip. S. Att.W.) by distance learning (international enrolments accepted) Recommended period of study: approx. 3 to 6 monthsTuition fee GBP (Pounds Sterling) 250 (excluding textbooks) Five textbooks are required which the student will be expected to buy, normally
Precision Hypnosis (Advanced Hypnosis Course)
Precision hypnosis for the hypnotherapy practitioner who wants to blend hypnosis invisibly and effectively into any interaction. Surgical words to enable you to create elegant, incisive hypnosis. Multiply your hypnotic success rate and gain complete confidence that you can hypnotise anyone, anywhere, without the need for scripts,
Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN TRANSPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPY (Revised/Lower fee)Eligibility requirements: Applicants must normally be qualified and experienced hypnotherapists and members of a professional hypnotherapy association. If you do not meet this requirement and are interested you are invited to contact us with details of your background.This is a course for
NLP Practitioner Training (3 Certificates)
OVERVIEW Our NLP Practitioner trainings are run over 7 days and include pre course study designed to give you the best experience of learning neuro-linguistic programming in an environment where you will feel confident in practicing and utilising the concepts within NLP. On our NLP courses you will have ONE OF THE UK's most experienced NLP
Creating trance and hypnotherapy scripts
 Creating trance and hypnotherapy scriptsThis book contains tried and tested hypnosis scripts for professional or trainee hypnotherapists who are looking to help clients solve problems and ailments, from the more common "quit smoking session" to the less familiar "candida." 
Conquering Stress
Learn how you can quickly and permanently be free from anxiety, depression and stress with a revolutionary, simple-to-follow program that will free you from stress forever. No Drugs – No Potions – No Hypnotherapy – No Affirmations. Wholly Natural Method and 100% GUARANTEED. You will feel calmer, happier
Success pack- empower your life
 Success pack- empower your lifeEmpower your life while you sleep! This powerful personal hypnotherapy program featuring the 3 of the best of Rick Collingwood's best selling Life Improvement Hypnosis CD series to fast track the manifestation of the secret to success in your life today.
Laid Off, Move On
Introducing Laid Off, Move On. A self help / self development multi-CD set or downloadable hypnotherapy audio program from Michael Mahoney specifically developed for those who have been laid off, that is being made redundant. Redundancy is increasing around the UK and most other countries. To be at
IBS Audio Program 60 CD or MP3 download
Innovation & Research Award Winner 2008The home use IBS Audio Program 60® ~ for Children. This IBS in children self help hypnosis program uses specific hypnotherapy guided imagery processes and methods to help alleviate Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS symptoms in children . It is designed to a help
General Relaxation CD or MP3 Download
A gentle introduction to the process of unwinding and being guided with suggestions of relaxation. An entry level programme of encouragement for those who are learning or relearning the art of relaxation. Contains non-specific directed relaxation processes, for those that want to simply re-learn the ability to unwind,
Insomnia CD or MP3 download
A gentle recording to help the listener understand insomnia and some suggestions to help reduce those long nights. Insomnia can be debilitating, frustrating and affect every aspect of life. Track One explains simply what Insomnia is, the different types and some causes. Track two uses gentle hypnotherapy processes
Chronic Pain 110 CD or MP3 download
This chronic pain hypnosis programme is designed to help the chronic pain sufferer by using hypnotherapy, relaxation, imagery and the spoken word. Available on CD or MP3 download. Chronic pain mangement is collaborative, communication between patients and various specialists, and yet sometimes we have to keep looking for
Simply Music relaxation CD or Download
Ideal for therapy room, waiting room, and individual restfulness. Life is often full of pressures; sometimes it can be difficult to find peace. There are many recordings of gentle soothing music available today, but not all achieve what the listener may be searching to find. Music which helps