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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a practice of assisting clients to determine and achieve personal goals. A coach will use a variety of methods, tailored to the client, to move through the process of setting and reaching goals. Coaching is not targeted at psychological illness.

With roots in executive coaching life coaching also draws from a wide variety of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, career counseling, mentoring, and numerous other types of counseling. The coach applies mentoring, values assessment, behavior modification, behavior modeling, goal-setting, and other techniques in assisting clients.
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Articles Associated with Life Coaching

Professional Colour Therapy Diploma course
Study by email directly with world renowned Colour Therapist, teacher and best-selling author Suzy Chiazzari. The Iris International School of Colour Therapy offers professional training by distance learning in all aspects of Colour Therapy counselling and healing. We are affiliated to the Institute of Complementary Medicine and the International
Diploma in Feng Shui for Homes and Businesses
Study directly with world renown Colour Therapist, teacher and best-selling author Suzy Chiazzari. The Iris International School of Colour Therapy offers professional training by distance learning in all aspects of Colour Therapy. We are affiliated to the Institute of Complementary Medicine and Colour International. Diploma courses include: Colour
Colour Life Coaching Programme with Suzy Chiazzari
Suzy Chiazzari's Colour Life Coaching home study programme guides you through the use of the life-enhancing colour keys. Passion, Joy, Focus, Balance, Love, Intuition, Vision, Creativity and transformation that allow you to tap into your own spiritual wisdom to bring about wonderful changes in your life.   The easy to
Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching
Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching (Dip. H.L.C.) by distance learning Recommended period of study: approx. 3 to 6 months Cost: £295.00 (295 Pounds Sterling - for currency conversion see www.xe.com ) The fee does not include textbooks - 6 books are required (approx. cost £100 or less) This
Accelerated Certificate in Life Coaching (Distance Learning)
The accelerated University Certificate in Life and Personal Coaching – Cert.LPC(CIU) is intended primarily for those who have professional qualifications in counselling or therapy but people from other backgrounds will be considered.  In July 2008 the course was revised to make it more accessible to non-therapists.The course is
All You Need to Know About the Recovery Coaching
The majority of people think that recovery and life coaching are completely different. If you have the same opinion about them then you are totally mistaken. Recovery and life coaching are not completely different. In fact, the only difference is their focus. Just like the way a life
You can heal your Life
DO YOU KNOW.... ‘What IS' is ONLY ever in that very moment, unless you prolong it! Do you know that every single feeling you have is first created by a thought you think? Every state of mind you have, whether happy, sad, depressed, angry or content begins on a thought level Thought
How to Hire A Life Coach
Life coaching has become a serious profession in the last decade or so. Tony Robbins has pioneered the profession by making millions of dollars through his coaching programs.   I tried to trace the history of life coaching, and my research found that the profession is as recent
Rising Above Fear in This Time of Global Recession
Some tips and insights to overcome fearful thoughts and emotional states that cause you to contract from others and from your own sense of resourcefulness and joy:1) Leap! Liberation and empowerment always come dressed in paradox. If you find yourself contracting and holding back and holding on, don't
Life Coaching for Adults with Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties
Dyslexia is a disability thought to affect around 10% of the population. It is a genetic condition and one of the most common specific learning difficulties affecting children and adults. Contrary to popular belief, dyslexia does not only manifest itself in problems with literacy, but also affects people’s
What is Coaching?
Coaching has been developing for some 20 years or more both in the UK and elsewhere. There are many different types and 'definitions' of coaching, and as I write, a clear and agreed definition has not yet been reached! But that doesn't make coaching any less real, and
Have you tried the Alternatives for your health ?
When it comes to your health, do you provide your body with the right conditions to enable it to be self healing ? Is your health on the top of your to do list ? If you don't take time for your health now, then you will have
Combining Life Coaching with NLP and CBT
Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and, Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) can work together in any client situation.  They act as tools to help improve and change a person's life. Many practitioners specialise in one specific area, but they can be combined to give the client a more ‘powerful
Benefits You Should Know About CBD Isolate
In recent times, CBD products have become more popular to treat physical discomforts that you are suffering from. CBD products are available in different concentrations such as full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. In comparison to others, CBD isolate is an incredible natural supplement and easy to
5 Natural Steps to Reduce Stress quickly
We have access to time- and labour-saving devices beyond the dreams of any previous generation. Yet stress, anxiety and depression seem more common problems than ever before.Do you recognise yourself in any of these common patterns? Feel overwhelmed by the pressures of modern living Can't say noDifficulty setting
What is Life Coaching?
What's all this about Life Coaching then? We are in a 24/7 'on demand' world. We need to be creative yet conforming, work 'smart' while juggling other commitments, be flexible yet meet deadlines. We need to be adaptable, approachable team players, while achieving our individual goals. We need to
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What is Time Line Therapy?
We are at the beginning of a new era of understanding. Time Line Therapy™ is one of the most powerful procedures for accelerating human change. It is a series of techniques which allows you to release and eliminate unpleasant emotions from memories of past events. This can result
No Matter Where You Are At In Your Life, YOU CAN
I was reading through some statistics regarding depression and the percentage of people suffering from this has increased substantially. And I remembered what I often hear from people: ‘I have failed in my life' or ‘I have not achieved anything,' or ‘I experienced such and such in my