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What is Rolfing?

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Manual Therapy and Gait Analysis
Both disciplines generally agree that cross-patterned gait (opposite arm and leg moving at the same time) is a normal function of walking and running. However, supporters of the traditional “pedestrian model of gait” insist the legs are the main-event in locomotion and upright walking is a basic design
What is Yogic Massage?
Active Listening – a gentle approach that heals deeply. Yogic Massage is underpinned by the understanding of energy that I gained through Movement Healing. Movement Healing is a way of tuning into healing energy to heal oneself or others through finding inner stillness, listening - letting the healing
Massage Therapy for Bikers
It is amazing the money and time many elite and “weekend-warrior” cyclists devote to retrofitting racing bikes to conform to their bodies rather than first restoring function to the most critical piece of racing equipment: the body of the rider. When muscle imbalances, faulty movement patterns, and joint fixations
What is Prana Therapy?
"You ought not to heal the body without the soul for this is the great error of our day in treating the human body"  Plato was one of the greatest philosophers in history. He lived almost 2500 years ago and knew at that time already that there was
Is it time to Heal yourself?
So you have decided to give Complementary Medicine a try. Maybe you have walked into a brick wall with Conventional Medicine or, your experience of it left you feeling burned. The message is very clear - Conventional Medicine has used all that it has to offer and nothing
Massage Home Study for Conception
by Erik Dalton Ph.D. as published in Massage & Bodywork Magazine Regrettably, mechanical pressure on the central nervous system by distorted cranial bones and spinal structures can meddle with the normal transmission of this vital intelligence. Since all of the mothers systems and organs are now providing for two, it
Myoskeletal Practices for SI Joint and Lower Back
Piriformis syndrome should not be treated as an isolated incident, even if tests such as the Pace, Freiberg, and Beatty are positive. A stable pelvis, derived through proper upper and lower quadrant balance, is vital for long-term correction of sciatic nerve conditions. All ligaments and muscles attaching to
Bodyworker Techniques for Minutes, Myofascia, and Maintenance
Let’s Talk Minutes With most sessions lasting from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, massage and bodywork practitioners are allotted sufficient hands-on time to develop a keen awareness of the clients ability to function in physical, emotional and spiritual planes. It is unfortunate for both client and therapist when time
The Importance of Networking for Massage Therapists
Networking is important in any professional field, and massage therapists should be prepared to begin 'massage networking' almost immediately after graduating from massage school in order to get leads for jobs, professional advancement, and new clients. Massage networking is similar to 'standard' networking in that you should always
High Heel Postural Problems
Last week while flipping TV channels, I happened to catch some interesting gossip from a cheesy entertainment show reporting that Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, was being treated for low-back pain at a local physical therapy clinic. This uniquely talented, five-time Grammy Award winner and self- proclaimed “high
Living Sustainably Begins in Your Own Mind and in Your Own Body !"We live what we know: If we believe the universe to be mechanical, we will tend to live mechanically. Nature, we are learning, is not merely a collection of forces over which we must triumph, but
Rolfing; Everyone’s giving it a try.
Rolfing is nothing new but it is increasing in its popularity these days. Back in the 60's and 70's Rolfing was quite a common practice. What is Rolfing? Rolfing is a type of massage therapy that is focused on correcting alignment and posture through deep tissue massage.
What Is Rolfing?
Rolfing is a therapy that combines hand manipulation of tissue or fascia and movement sequencing to re-align the body's center of gravity, improve posture and general well being. The name "Rolfing" was derived from the founder of the therapy Dr. Ida P. Rolf. Dr Rolf began her journey