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SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPY CERTIFICATE Flexible modular Level 4 course
The entry requirement for this Sports Massage course is a recognised qualification in anatomy, physiology and massage or equivalent. (If you are an MSCM massage student you are able to book your place and start this course before you have the results of your Massage exam.) Physiotherapists, Sports
Sports Massage
On the field, post-event, or in the clinic, Sports Massage is the essential resource for developing and perfecting your sports massage technique! Sports Massage provides an in-depth discussion of applications of foundational massage techniques within a sports massage approach. Thorough instructions and over 130 full-color photos demonstrate the
Sports massage
 Sports massageThis comprehensive DVD includes more than two hours of footage detailing 13 sessions that will give you the tools to work with runners, cyclists, swimmers, tennis players and other athletes. Learn about the physiological principles that govern sports massage and the differences between each sport.
Sports Massage Couch
Portable Cable Table for Sports Massage and Physiotherapy Massage | Beautelle's Uk made massage couches are suitable for heavy duty massage and are readily portable.Osborne 200 Cable Table Series - available in Beechwood or Aluminium Finishes| Generous 27" width | flexible height range | tensor cable system. Accessories include - Face Cradle & Arm Support
What is a Therapeutic Massage Therapy?
  Therapeutic massage therapy helps in the faction of soft tissues. Such a therapy is meant to provide assistance to majority of treatments of musculoskeletal and related issues. A regular therapy of therapeutic massage gives a boost to neurological functioning. It also aids in the improved of lymphatic and
What is Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy?
Sport & Remedial Massage HistoryThe earliest recording of massage dates back to the Chinese in 3000 BC. Today massage has evolved into over 400 recognised styles, ranging from Shiatsu, Thai, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Holistic, Hot Stone Therapy, Sport & Remedial Massage.  Each discipline have common objectives, which include the
Sports Massage – Pre-Event
Massage before an event can be an integral component of the pre-event preparation for many athletes.  Pre-event massage can create a state of readiness in the muscles and tissues so that the athlete's performance can be optimized.  Whilst some therapists consider that a pre-event massage can take place
The Importance of Networking for Massage Therapists
Networking is important in any professional field, and massage therapists should be prepared to begin 'massage networking' almost immediately after graduating from massage school in order to get leads for jobs, professional advancement, and new clients. Massage networking is similar to 'standard' networking in that you should always
Are You Living with Pain ?
Why are you putting yourself in the "straight Jacket" of conventional pain therapy? Modern western medicine tells you that if it cannot be scientifically proven it doesn't work. Then why have so many people received relief from alternative therapies? Western medicine says, it is a "placebo effect" or
Preparing for a Massage Interview - What Every Massage Therapist Should Know and Ask
Before you can start working as a massage therapist, you have to perform a massage interview to get the job, and interviewing for a massage position is quite different than most other interview processes. For many massage therapists, the first job they hold directly out of massage school
Injury Prevention for Therapists
Why are massage therapists so susceptible to occupation related injuries? Many of the massage techniques that we perform on a daily basis are repetitious and repetition is the primary reason why massage causes injuries. Deep Tissue and Sports Massage treatments are generally more demanding than Swedish massage as
Sports Massage - Post-Event
The purpose of a massage after a major event is simply to aid the athlete to recover from the activity.  This is achieved by reducing post-exercise soreness, re-establishing full range of motion and enhancing blood flow to tight muscles.  The length of recovery time from strenuous competition can
Using Stretching Techniques
When I was training as a physiotherapist I asked a supervisor what she thought was the most important advice she could give me. "Always remember," she said, "that what you do in the 40 minutes that you spend with a patient is of little significance. It is what
Sports Massage, Aquatics and the Olympics
Sports Massage, Aquatics and the Olympics by Susan Findlay Olympic Fact:  A total of 1,350 athletes will compete to win 46 gold medals across the four Aquatic disciplines at the 2012 Games. The aims of sports massage are to keep athletes performing at their top level by working to aid
How to Fix Muscle Soreness after Workout?
Prolonged muscle pain can be because of a serious muscle injury, in this case you should consult your doctor who may help you in treating the sore muscles before any further damage takes place. Getting a sore muscle after every day or two is normal and especially if
What defines a sports massage and how can it help me?
Different people put different pressures on their body due to the activity and life style they engage in. The glorious aspect of massage therapy is there are so many subcategories that are specifically designed to help certain people. Sports massage is specifically designed to provide athletes with relief
Why It's Important for Massage Therapists to Choose a Specialty
When massage therapists finish school and begin working, they might not immediately think of developing their skills for a niche market - after all, massage school is just the beginning, and you learn some of your most invaluable skills on the job! While most massage therapists focus on
Alternative Christmas Gifts, Part 1.
Christmas shopping can become a burden as you try to figure out what others might like, need and enjoy. Christmas gifts often just become another item on the To-DO list and you end up grabbing a gift from the store without really determining if that gift would benefit
Sports Massage and Athletics
Sports Massage and Athletics There is always something exciting going on during an athletic competition, it is a bit like being at a three ring circus and having to keep your eye on many performances at once.  Over the course of the Olympics there will be a total of